Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good weekend for baseball team

The Aggie baseball team had a solid weekend, taking three of four from San Jose State.

This team has major offense. This weekend they won games 7-6, 12-1, 15-9 and lost 10-8. Can you win like this consistently? Some pitching would be nice.

Heath Goin has actually put together some solid outings for NMSU. Goin has gone the distance in consecutive starts, giving up just two runs in the process and getting big wins for both. I'm serious, if the pitching staff can just hold down the fort, this team can win games. They bop balls around the yard with no problem.

The lineup is balanced. Richard Stout is a spark plug hitting leadoff and Marcus Quade has gotten on base as well. They have decent power in the middle of the order. Again, the pitching, they just have to try and hold it down.

NMSU plays UNM this week before returning home for Texas-Pan American. The following weekend the Aggies go to Nevada and then Hawaii. I realize its early, but that road trip could make or break their year.


Anonymous said...

Coach Spence was in the last year of his contract and the team responded!

Coach Ward is in the same boat. Has the team responded? A little too early to tell.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see some writing about the baseball team. But, I think you might be too optimistic about them. First, they can hit, they have always had that. Second, they need consistent pitching, and I am not yet convinced that they have it. You are right in stating that there have been gimmers of hope, but in many games the pitching has been bad. Third, I was shocked that you did not mention that their fielding is perhaps the worst in college baseball. That very well could be the downfall of the team. Where are the skills being taught? The coaches have to take some of the blame on this topic. At times they just make so many errors that cannot be overcome. The final conclusion is that big hitting does not win the league, league tournaments, or get into the NCAA alone. Pitching and defense do that. Just look at the two time national champs, Oregon State. They had all the pieces working together in 2006 and 2007.

Teddy said...

anon 10:10

I'm just trying to generate some excitement about the team. Don't hate.

The Buss said...

I'm glad to see Teddy writing about the baseball team, good for you man. I don't get out to see them much, this is the busy time of year, but it's great to see a little support.

Teddy said...

Lets get fired up. This is one of the most scrapiron teams I've ever encountered.