Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Defending boredom

When the New Mexico State Aggies return home this week to take on San Jose St. and Hawaii, they will have to defend one of the toughest mental hurdles in all of sports: boredom.

The Aggies will take on teams that aren't as talented and don't have as much to play for at this stage of the year. For San Jose, they're looking to rebound from a minnie slump that has seen them drop three straight games. Hawaii has been hurting as well, coming off home losses to Idaho and Boise State and before that a Bracketbuster loss to UC Riverside as well as a road WAC loss to Fresno St.

Both of these teams looked like conference sleepers two weeks ago, but things have changed quickly - as they tend to do in college basketball. NMSU has proven that they can take care of business against inferior competition - for the most part. They have been pretty strong against the lower-tier WAC teams at the Pan Am. The Aggies have been a good home team in conference period. The one exception is when they played Nevada in late January. And the two games NMSU played against the Wolf Pack will be burned in their memory until they meet them again this year - if that ever happens.

While they should knock off San Jose and Hawaii, one should be concerned about boredom setting in, especially when considering the Aggies know that talent-wise, they are a step ahead of the two programs coming into town. It seems like that's when this team gets into trouble. There has seemed to be a lack of focus at times this year. Nothing would make Aggie fans happier to see NMSU take care of business this week, quickly and harshly at that. They got lambasted at Hawaii this year and barely escaped San Jose with a win. Truthfully, that is a tough WAC swing and the team has played much better since then. But you know the group is still bitter about Nevada. Sometimes that can be dangerous. NMSU can't overlook anyone at this point in time. One game at a time for the Aggies. That's what good teams do. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I hope not.

Peete, Hawkins, Iti, Passos and Stewart are our seniors. They have three guaranteed game left, THREE guaranteed games left!!!

They are great leaders but, need to leave their hearts on the floor and make sure the younger guys are ready roll this week and especially next week.

The younger guys have a chance to give these seniors a few more games than the THREE guaranteed games!!! They need to leave their hearts on the court!

The coaching staff needs to be on the money with the scouting, game plan and putting the team in the best position possible!! They need to leave their hearts on the court!

The fans need to show up and make damn noise! Let's get off our behinds get a killer sore throat!! We need to leave our hearts on the court!

Its time to saddle up, get on a roll and go on a NCAA ride!! Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

Hey anon: I calls 'em as I see's 'em. Not taking San Jose & Hawaii for granted.IMHO,a basketball team can have TOO MUCH talent at the college level and be its own worst enemy.IF..they sweep then it's #3 vs #6,and that winner gets #2/#7 winner.Just the voice of 20+ years experience.Both teams going to the big dance would be super-I'm a little more rooted in reality-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Boredom? From this team? Frustrating,heart-wrenching,disappointing,full of themselves at times-but boring,never!!Make no guarantees- one win at a time,stay focused,NO EGOS-it's "WE" ball time!!-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Who knows when and if Las Cruces will ever host a conference tournament like this again? This is our town and our university. Lets all get out there and help push this team to victory. You don't know what you've got til its gone.

Anonymous said...

AZ Aggie,
What is your F...... problem?
You are the most negative person in the world.
You point the finger at the team but, have you taken the 4 hour drive to see them play??

I'm pretty sure the answer is, NO.

Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and support the team. It's time to do or die for everyone!

Do you think you can stay positive for a week?

El Hombre

Anonymous said...

El Hombre- It's a little hard to drive to LC if you're stationed across the ocean-and,BTW-what is YOUR problem? Would sugar-coated platitudes and warm fuzzy feelings make everything all better? My hope is that my comments-even at the expense of hating my guts- is to motivate,inspire,and go win one for the Aggies!!Sometimes the truth hurts-but who better to tell you than an Aggie alum.We're a real,REAL minority out here in major college basketball.We're not Memphis,Duke,North Carolina-name any major program that you like.And,let me tell you-it these big schools really HATE it when someone like NMSU is a rising star-we've got to realize this and have a thick skin.I've even had people tell me that we're not even an AMERICAN school.(mostly it's that other school up north)But,I'm also a realist-only ONE school is going to the NCAA's from the WAC,and I want that school to be NMSU-just as much as you do.BTW,I was there last year for the WAC tourney finals-oh,man,what a finish!All egos aside,let's show everyone what New Mexico State basketball is all about!!-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

This topic was much more appropriate the last half of February. One game in two weeks against an awful LBSU - that's enough to even bore the fans!! Don't think it's an issue for our team with the WAC tourney next week and seeding still to be finalized. Speaking of seeding, looks like we will end up #3 and Nevada #2. Not what I was hoping for.

As for showing up at the PAC, I'm making the trek to LC. First chance for me to see the Ags play live since the December debacle at The Pit. I'm hoping for much better results!!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Time to go and honor these five seniors.
If these kids don't transffer to NMSU, there is no way we would have gone dancing last year and be the WAC champ this year.

I must say, it's sad to see these kids go but, they are the reason for turning around this program.

These kids are also helping the staff and younger players get ready for post season play and there leadership and play will be BIG next week.

Hawkins, Iti, Passos, Peete Iti, and Stewart. Thanks for coming to NMSU and giving us the respect we deserve!!
My family and I will really miss watching you guys play!


Anonymous said...

Ok fellow bloggers we have taken punches at each other. AZ-Aggie and Aggie Glare I don't always agree with your posts but I respect your opinions and insights. Let's pack the PAN AM starting tonight and continue into next week. The Aggies are peaking at the right time. Hey it's our tournament for the taking. If we have to play through Nevada so be it. Were ready.

Anonymous said...

Defending boredom.
I don't think we need to worry about the Aggies.

The lack of topics on this blog? We are all trying to defend boredom!!
NMSU Rocks!!!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Talk about boredom, March madness is upon us and you should throw a bone everyday on this subject. Why is it so hard for the Sun News to put full box scores in the paper the morning after the game? I want to know how many rebounds, turnovers, blocked shots..............etc etc that every player had.