Monday, March 17, 2008

Rebuilding year in 2009?

A blogger on my last post said that he believed next season will be a rebuilding year for Aggie basketball. I don't believe so.

First off, one thing Menzies can do is recruit. He is resourceful and will continue to bring in pieces to help mold the program. The loss of Justin Hawkins and Fred Peete are undeniable, but all programs go through that every year. In my opinion, Passos and Iti are replaceable, particularly if Herb Pope returns. He is a player like none other on the roster and will be a much better player if he gets an entire season under his belt.

The team will miss Fred's gritty nature, as he was a capable scorer, became a distributor and was a more than solid rebounder from the guard spot. He was a versatile player. Still, Jahmar Young and Jonathon Gibson are better pure scorers. They may lack Fred's intangibles but that's something we'll all find out next year to be true or not.

The one area that needs clarification is the point guard spot. I don't know what happened to JayDee Luster this past year but it doesn't look like he fits into Menzies' plans. He remained nailed to the bench. Jahmar and Jonathon remain shooting guards. The answer may come in the form of Arkansas transfer Terrence Joyner. He's a big, talented guard, and could be exactly what the team needs. But I think the jury is still out at this position and a verdict probably won't come in until we see them in action next season.

Much of next season's success will also depend on how the conference shakes out. Again, it was a somewhat down year for the WAC. Will 2009 be any different? Nevada will lose Kemp, but they have some pieces. Then again, they need JaVale McGee to stay on board. He is a big kid. And you know some other teams will step up their game. But I would not say that next year will be a rebuilding season for NMSU. That's hitting the panic button way too early.


Anonymous said...

What about big men?
You mentioned that Iti and Passos are replaceable.
What's in the pipeline for big men? Wendell is a phenomenal SF and Herb Pope can't do it all!!

Although our guards were out played most of the year, I'm not worried about the guards too much. They will learn from there mistakes and get better.

I don't doubt Menzies recruiting abilities.
It's his coaching abilities that come into question.
I know it's his first year and mistakes will happen but, getting punked around by other coaches is tough to watch!!

Maybe I'm being a little hard on the first year coach but, I hope he get's his X's & O's together.

El Hombre

Anonymous said...

yes his on court coaching is a big deal? The bigger issue is allowing the players to go out to Gragham central station the night before the Championship game till 2 am in the morning. Why did the NM tax payers have to pay for players hotel rooms if that was the case?

Anonymous said...

The players were out partying till 2AM the night before the championship?!!!
No wonder they looked flat the entire game!

Listen, if this is true.
I no longer feel sorry for the team!!
We paid good money and showed up in throngs, only to watch a sleep deprived, hungover team play and get PUNKED around by a mediocre team!!

Thanks for nothing and thanks for embarrasing the community in front of the entire country.

Infamous Chuck said...

Has Terrence Joyner been cleared? If he is to be our next PG, we need him to start practicing when the team starts to and not in January. The Clearinghouse error cost Herb Pope half the year, we can't have that happen again.

Anonymous said...

You rumor mongers will believe anything.

Hey, by the way any of you interested in some great time shares in the Florida swamp lands?

Anonymous said...

Rebuilding or not, I'm not sure it matters. I seriously doubt this guy can out recruit Reggie. And if he does, will it make a difference? His coaching skills are very suspect based on his first year as a HC. Some of that goes back to the initial decisions he made - picking his coaching staff. Anyone notice who his confidant was during the tourney games? None other than McMullen, whose claim to fame is a long-term coach of Santa Monica College!! Pompei is out of here for sure. While the WAC was definitely down this year, there are good coaches - Morrell, Fox, and Cleveland come to mind. I sure hope I'm wrong, but I'm not confident with our future under Menzies. Unless this year was a serious case of first year jitters. The more important question to me is, will Menzies learn from his mistakes and make adjustments to his style/philosophy?
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the things people will say when they do not have to have the facts. The players were locked up in their rooms at 11 pm each night prior to the games. There was bed check every hour. The players were ready, maybe you need an excuse for not being a supportive fan, but don't make up stories.

Anonymous said...

There are pictures of the players at the night club.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:32
Non supportive fans?
There were 10K for Nevada and sold out for BSU.

The fans showed up when it counted...the team and coaches didn't!

I can't wait till Thursday to erase the pathetic showing in regulation (except for the last 5 minutes). I can't argue about the overtime effort.

Any ways, is it time for Spring ball?!!

Teddy said...

If there are in fact pictures, lets see 'em. Otherwise, this is just rumors and hear say

Teddy said...
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Anonymous said...

As someone at grahams that infamous night i saw Matin iti and passos there. unless there are two other men in las cruces at are 6'9 and 7' tall. great job MM for keeping your players in check. most players wait til curfew then go out after coaches check.