Friday, March 28, 2008

Football hires

I like the hires made by Hal Mumme and company at NMSU.

I am going to be honest here, I know basically nothing about these two gentlemen. Other than the things that have been stated about their past coaching histories. But I learned about them right then and there.

I do know that they impressed during the interview process. Both are also former coordinators. They have ran the ship and they have been soldiers in the platoon. I just wonder about the talent level on defense.

For one of the previous posters, Dunn runs a 3-5-3. That's three linemen, five linebackers and three DBs. If you look at the team roster, they have the DBs broken into two categories - cornerbacks and strong safeties. From my understanding, Derrick Richardson at strong safety will be asked to play a lot closer to the line as well. Lots of blitzing, firing off the edge. And I believe a lot of variation as well as different packages and formations being thrown around the field.

My only thing is, can the corners hold up? Does anyone remember the play their last season? It wasn't very good. Some of that can certainly be pinned on the lack of pressure on the quarterback. Chris Woods, Davon House and Vince Butler were young players. Alex Bernard started the year at corner and was moved to strong safety with Richardson as the free. They switched up a lot in the offseason. And it had to be done. Something had to change. But Woody Widenhofer had the reputation of getting the most out of limited talent. And you saw what he got last year. We need the season to start before we begin judging what has really changed and what hasn't. The two games that will tell a big part of the story - UTEP and UNM. We'll learn a lot about this team in Week's 3 and 4.


Anonymous said...

I really hope these two coaches can really help our defense.

The secondary is very athletic but, were very green last year and got burned a lot.
Sometimes you have to pass thru fire to get better.

I like the aggresive blitz concept of the defense and just hitting the QB on every play.
Woody's defense looked liked, wait, react, and get burned!

Utep is also going to the 3-5-3 and UNM has been running it for years.
Weeks 3&4 will be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Teddy are you going to be out there everyday this spring?? Also can you get Mumme to give us some one on one interviews with some of the key players next year. I think that would be great. So we can get to know the kids representing NMSU and the region!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so it's a 3-5-3.

Well the 2008 Aggie FB camp is calling it, 3-3-5?
I sure hope someone figures what the heck were running this season or Hasta la vista, Mumme!

Ganja Boy

Teddy said...

Anon 9:47

Me and Felix Chavez are splitting football duties throughout the season. Regardless, I'll still have a hand in it and you'll get daily reports from either him or I. Buckle up....

Anonymous said...

I guess two "small" college coaches are a step up from a HS DC. Regardless, I'm not impressed unless both new hires are working their way up to D-I schools. But we all know Joe Lee Dunn is a "has been" in D-I, ie, he most recently coached in HS because he could not cut it in D-I. But hey, we're NMSU, not Ohio State. We gotta take what we can get, and we know Mumme is desperate. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare