Thursday, March 13, 2008

Basketball showcase

The night before the men's bracket hits full tilt.

I could comment on the NMSU game a bunch but I have already done that. They're playing Idaho. And I love Idaho but there's only so much to talk about concerning the game.

Lets just look at the WAC Tournament as a whole. I can't wait for the first-round games. If you're planning on just going for the NMSU game or any other team you might like to watch (Wolfpack Jack), try to change those plans. Take in the entire show, or as much as you can. This is a showcase of basketball, played on a high level and on a grand stage. Take it all in. It will make that Aggie game seem even better when 8:30 rolls around.

Outside of the NMSU game, Fresno should be a classic team to watch. I don't know if they can beat Nevada, but I really like there team. Well, I like Kevin Bell. But he basically is the team. And Eddie Miller can fill it up from deep.

I would love the see Hawaii battle Boise, with Luettgerodt, Gibson and Nash running, gunning and scoring. They haven't been playing as well lately though. Could be tough.

And lastly, Utah State, but for reasons outside of Jaycee Carroll. Stew Morrill is a vet and Kris Clark is a pass-first player at the point. That and a couple scrapiron forwards that will do some dirty work.

Go to the tournament and enjoy it. Root for the Aggies, but also root for good, solid basketball. It should be a blast. I, for one, can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I agree.
It's fun to be neutral and just a "fan of the game", until 8:30 rolls around.

Stew Morril is a heck of a coach and can make adjustments on the fly.

Not sure if Fresno can beat Nevada but, Bell and Miller are something else.
They have no help from the rest of the team but, there quickness will keep the dawgs in the game.

Did I say these two kids are quick?
I mean, they are quicker than WAC journalists at a free buffet!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

TODAY-WE are the better team -TODAY-and every day they take the court.RPI,rankings,season W/L doesn't matter anymore-win today-GO NMSU AGGIES-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!

JJ said...

Although the Aggies didn't get the No. 1 seed, I still like how the brackets lined up for them. If they could avoid an overconfidence letdown (always a risk), they should have an easy time with Idaho. This would allow them to rest more of the prime players. On our side of the bracket is our nemesis, Nevada. We have not been able to get by Nevada this year. Now we did better on the road against them than we did in the Pan Am, but we were still trying to get the chemistry down for that first game here. Nevada plays Fresno State in their first matchup. Although I don't think Fresno State can beat Nevada, I think they will give Nevada a lot tougher game than Idaho would give the Aggies. If that is the case, then Nevada will not be able to rest their starters as much. If these two game go according to seeding, the Aggies will go into Friday's game less tired than Nevada. And the Aggies have superior depth which will be a big factor in the back to back games of a tournament.

Anonymous said...

Win or go home!
Nevada has beat us twice this year.
I doubt they can get the sweep. Do you know how hard it is to beat a really good team three times in a year?
Just ask the Cowboys after the Giants beat them in the playoffs this year.

Play hard and play smart and we live to play on Saturday! Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

Hey Theodore, you might find this link interesting if you wanna give the Aggie Program some good press for a change

Menzies was named Mid Major coach of the Year by

Anonymous said...

What an incredible game tonight! WOLF PACK VS. AGGIES ROUND 3! I CAN'T WAIT! GOOO AGGIES!

Anonymous said...

Where is wolfpack jack now!!!!!!!!!!

The Buss said...

Hey Wolfpack Jack, where's all your big talk now? What an idiot, now he knows who his real daddy is.

Wes said...


Couldn't agree more with your latest musings, whatever they were.

Meanwhile, I see you have yet to sign up for the only fantasy baseball league that matters -- Don't Taze Me, A-Rod. I remember your impressive run last year in fantasy baseball and wish to learn from you this season. Either that or dominate you again. So sign up, bro!

I look forward to seeing this posted on your fine blog.