Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Other players leaving?

Alright, we have Luster. Who else could go?

Ya know, I was thinking that Chris Pompey is a key piece to this whole thing. With him around, it increases the chances that Herb and Jahmar will be with the team. But what if he left? I don't know if either player stays at that point.

Jahmar was a good freshman last year, at least on the court. He averaged double-digit points and that number is sure to go up. He's a scorer. He could easily average 15-17 points per game next season.

If Pope is in place, him and Troy Gillenwater could be a scary combination on the court.

I don't think you'll see DeAngelo Jones return. He played behind some great players this past year and didn't see the court at all. I think he's gone.

There were chemistry problems this past year. That could lead to change and was an indication that not everyone was happy with their roles. Luster left. And this is just the beginning of the offseason.


Anonymous said...

Why would Pompey leave?
He has one more year on his contract and is our East coast connection...We need him!
Unless he's not happy or get's a better offer, he's staying!
Also, I saw him up close during the tournament and looks like he's really enjoying the Mexican food. ;)

I hope no other kids leave. People will start jumping on Menzies even more if we start losing kids, left and right!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Pope would leave? I do not think Pope would want to sit out a year after all that has happened to him.

Young, Pope, and Gibson will be the leaders for next year, so I think Young and Pope will be back.

Somehow, coach Menzies would need to work in Castillo into the line up. He can be a threat from the outside to break up the zone defense.

It seems like this off season will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree witn anon 9:26am. Herb just started coming into his own and staying out another year after transfering would not be anything he would be intersted in doing. Herb is going to be a big time player and is going to dominate in the next couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Wild speculation!

Anonymous said...

I definitely see Pompey leaving - he seemed to be "shut out" by Menzies during games. Plus, my recollection of Boston's HC search last year was to keep consistency on the asst coach staff, which would help maintain the recruiting class. My guess is Menzies was instructed to keep Pompey, at least for one year. I don't agree with the speculation on others leaving. Frankly, when it comes to Pope and Young, seems like their academic performance and off-court behavior is a bigger threat to whether they play next year or not. I'm hoping they mature and take care of business.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dr. Boston travel to San Diego last year to talk to Jaydee and his family after Reggie left for the NBA?
Jaydee was hesitant about coming to NMSU. Both Boston and Menzies re-assured the family that Luster was going to be a big part of the program?
So what happened?

He barely got on the court and now he's gone!
Did he get a fair shake or did some people promise the world and only gave him dirt?

Pompey is responsible for Pope, JY, and Paris Carter coming here. I say he brings a lot to the program!

Teddy said...

Pompey brings a lot on the recruiting level. He is the main reason guys like Pope and Young came to NMSU. They trusted Chris. During the coaching turnover, it was a top priority to bring Pompey back because the school knew they could retain Pope and with him, probably the majority of the recruiting class.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pompey doesn't leave, and I think MM will start to use him more. Pope and JY could both leave and tranfer to JC get the credits and be back in D-1. I just hope we here something first so MM can go out and get somemore horses.

I hope both stay. NMSU is a good place for them and the will be leaders for the next 3 years.

Anonymous said...

I like the hires on defense. One coach has a psychology degree. Those kids are great atletes but, got burned a lot last year.
Hopefully his degree will help there psychy.

So is the defense 3-3-5 or 3-5-3?
The Sun News says one thing and the NMSU website says another. Can someone clarify?