Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Any first round upsets?

Honestly, the answer here is probably no when talking about the WAC tournament and any possible upsets in Round 1.

Some games could be closer than anticipated though. Hawaii could stick with Boise if things fall the right way. The Warriors got destroyed in Boise earlier this year and battled the Broncos at home. The Warriors battle everyone at home so that was not a huge surprise. I think they could beat the Broncos if all things fall into place. The key is Matt Gibson. If he plays a strong game as the Warriors' floor leader they can stick in it.

I also think Fresno State can stick with Nevada. The Bulldogs have a phenominal player in Kevin Bell and he'll score his points in this game. Him and Eddie Miller will have to be connecting from deep and will have to get something from their suppporting cast. But they are capable of playing a competitive game.

The Aggies whooped Idaho this year at the Pan Am. The Vandals have played better since but this game won't be close in the second half.

The play-in game tonight? I have San Jose State in a wide-open affair. Watch C.J. Webster pull down boards and score around the hoop for the Spartans. Kyle Gibson scores big for La. Tech but in order for the Bulldogs to win, they need to get a solid shooting night from JC Clark, something they got the other night in their win over the Spartans.

The game will be decided by who wins the battle between Clark and San Jose's Tim Pierce. Both can shoot the ball when in rhythm.

Looking forward to the tourney.


Anonymous said...

Maybe UH over, Boise.

I like the way Miller and Bell play for Fresno but, Hernandez can't hit the side of a barn right now and will dissapoint his faminly and friends from Mexico! Nevada will flex it's muscle in the 2nd half.

No real upsets in the first round.

Anonymous said...

I'm not predicting any upsets in the first round.
However, I predict Mark Fox will again go after the Zebras and will finally be arrested, and spend the night in downtown.
He will act like a model citizen for the first time in his life.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope NMSU avoids a first round upset. I'm coming from Cali to watch the semis & finals.

Everybody--please come out & give the home team a true 6th man!

Anonymous said...

Amen Cali. I am coming in from out of town also but will not be in until late afternoon Friday. The Aggies will take care of business with Idaho. Nevada looms in the shadows. I don't see any upsets in the first round. Come on Cruces, lets support our men and women's team.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there will be any upsets this first around even if Coach Menzies believed there was going to be one. San Jose was a joke last night beating a LA Tech team that had no inside game and constantly placed two players in the base line ready to shoot threes. Nevada is playing good basketball right now and Fresno will be no match for the pack. We have only lost one wac game at home to Nevada and dont think Idaho can keep up with us. Boise seems to be the only that could lose but Hawaii is riding a 6 game losing streak which includes losses to Fresno, Idaho and LA Tech. So we should have the top 4 in the semis and that should be exciting