Sunday, March 30, 2008

Talent makes coaches

I am a firm believer in this: Talent makes many great coaches great. I can't say in every case but in many.

This brings me to football. I don't know a lot about the new coordinators just hired, but they will be good if the players play ball. And I don't know if NMSU has the talent on defense to be good. That's the biggest question mark for me. Who is playing defense for this team that is so much different from last. And if they are a different player, how are they going to impact the team.

Don't forget, Dante Floyd is gone at linebacker. He was a solid player for them last year, one of the few on D who were. They are going to need big years out of both Jamar Cotton and La'Auli Fonoti. both have talent at outside linebacker but they will need to step up big time.

There secondary? Has to get it done. Can they? I don't think so. There corners were toasted constantly last year. Great players make great coaches. Does NMSU have the talent?


Anonymous said...

There is some raw talent. However, I'm not sure Mumme has time to let this talent flourish.

I really hope this is a breakout year! I'm so tired spending money on losing teams! Everyone deserves better!

Anonymous said...

Its all about talent. You are right. Recruiting is the key to any team in any sport. I thought I saw where Mumme had said this was his best recruiting class. If that is true, how come our recruiting class is ranked down aroubd 105+ by a couple different recruiting services? Oh my.

Its very tough to recruit to the football team here when you look at how poor the facilities can a recruit be excited about this program when they drive up to the stadium and they see a big greass hill? Our place doesn't even look like a football stadium. All other stadiums in the WAC look like real stadiums. In fact, isn't Boise state adding sky boxes along the side of the stadium (not at the end like our four) and a new exterior to the stadium. We are so behind in facilities that it doesn't give our coaches a chance to get better talent.

NMSU is so behind in the facility race and it only gets worse as I type this, for every sport. People got excited about the Pan Am renovations, but have you really looked at what they did? It all took way too long to get done and look what we ended up with. The practice gym is too small there are now team meeting/video rooms for them to use and the Pan Am floor needs to be replaced. Face it people we are in a tough situation which doesn't help our coaches at all.

I tip my hat to all our coaches and the job they do. They have a tough job.

Anonymous said...

I remain very skeptical, but hopeful(what else does an old Aggie fan have?), that the D will improve big time this season. I have a different take than Teddy...the DL and LBs must put pressure on the opposing team's QB (this has not happened in decades). Without that, of course our DBs will look bad. Not that I'm defending the talent level of our DBs in the past...but fact is, Deion Sanders could not always cover with the very poor pass rush we've put up since the 1960s.

JLD's scheme gives us the best chance in a long, long time. D. Rich and House are good we have the players to rush the QB and give them a good chance to sucdeed?..we will see.

Anonymous said...

The Key to the season will be get to the QB on passing downs and stop the run period!!! House & Woods & butler should be ok. Don't forget the WAC lost a lot of the top WR's from last year. The LB's have to be studs. Nwoko, Paden, Lucus have to make impact this year. Also DL needs to be solid. I think we have more depth than in years past. JDL can still coach you watch. I hope Saturday's practice is open!!

Ira & Shelia said...

Your solution is that "talent" will make the Aggies a better football team? You've got to be kidding. There's story after story about football/basketball/baseball teams across the country that hire a new head coach/coaching staff (one that actually knows how to coach/motivate players), essentially "play" the same players as the previous season, only to see a significant improvement in the win category. Look at the MWC for example...Air Force football was downright pathetic in 2006. In 2007 they were a much improved TEAM after hiring a new coach with passion, innovation, and an ability to motivate the kids. They went on to play Cal in the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft Worth too. You tried a blog back in the fall about talent being the key...I said it then, I'll say it again...coaching is the key. Mumme hasn't made the cut so far, and frankly, I don't expect anything to change in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I think Ira & Sheila have hit it right on the money. Mumme could have all the talent in the world but when it comes down to the bottom line all he ever has is excuse after excuse. This will be his last year as a D1 coach. After he gets fired he can go coach a high school team and maybe learn how to win.

Anonymous said...

I have issues with some of Mummes coaching style, and the way he presents himself to the public, but the bottom line is he is the coach now and we need to support this aggie team now. I think we have the talent in place, and now have more depth so this is Mummes make or break year. If he can get these guys to play hard for him this year good things will happen. I think the WAC will be down a little this year and we can make a move!!