Saturday, March 1, 2008

A team to watch out for

I know my football posts aren't the always widely received this time of year but I have been thinking about pigskin - more specifically, the WAC.

More specifically even, is the Louisiana Tech program. The Bulldogs are a team that could give some people some problems this year - heck, they did it last year in Derek Dooley's first season as head coach.

One of the most heartbreaking affairs came for the Aggies when they traveled to Ruston this year. It really hurt, NMSU was winning the entire way and held a 21-9 lead with just under six minutes remaining. Somehow, La Tech came back. NMSU dropped a pick in the endzone that fell into the hands of a Bulldog receiver for a TD that made the score 21-16. NMSU cornerback Chris Woods dropped a sure pick in that game to that would have given NMSU the ball deep in La Tech territory in the second half. Missed opportunity.

Back to the topic at hand though. The team should continue to improve under Dooley who is a no-nonsense coach. They had a much-improved defense last year, led by a strong secondary. While some of those pieces are gone, some return to the D. Linebacker Quin Harris and DBs Antonio Baker and Weldon Brown to name a few.

They run the ball well, play good defense. The booted three field goals and blocked a kick against NMSU last year. They're a disciplined group. And I expect them to continue to get better and be a sleeping giant in the WAC.


Anonymous said...

I went into the WAC website to check out the TV schedule for the WAC schools.
NMSU is not on the schedule. I guess ESPN also got tired of watching the Aggies get hammered on national TV!

Every WAC school has a TV game except the three WAC bottom feeders: Idaho, Utah St. and NMSU..OUCH!!

Should I re-new my season tickets or should I wait to see a competitive product on the field??
I think I'll wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Great, I now revise my prediction for the Aggies upcoming season to 2-10. Anyone have some of their own thoughts on the 2008 won-loss record for Aggie football?

Teddy said...

Anon 5:44

The Aggies lost 58-0 last year to Boise State in Boise on ESPN. I think that game was the telling sign that they wouldn't see another television game for a little while. Still, I for one can't figure out why ESPN2 won't televise their game against Idaho this year. That will be scrapiron.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Aggies won't have any televised games this upcoming football season, it's just one less embarassment on a national stage from a program that never has and never will do ANYTHING. And yes I support the team, I go out and cheer them on, but come on, Mumme is a joke, and this team will never do anything.

coyote said...

There is a key to enjoying Aggie football home games regardless of how bad the season goes----it's called TAILGATING!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is the turnaround season.
If Mumme can't win w/ pro prospects Chase Holbrook and Chris Williams and a great supporting cast in AJ, Glynn, Neiman, Taylor, Gutierrez etc.
There's got to be changes coming next year.

His first recruiting class are now seniors and we have been rebuilding for three years now. We need to win and win now!! No more damn APR excuses! "Just win baby".

El Hombre