Monday, April 28, 2008

spring game

A few things stood out from New Mexico State's spring game the other night.

First off was the punting and kicking from Kyle Hughes. Hughes booted his first kickoff out of the endzone and had some booming punts that had solid hangtime and distance. I promise, just better special teams will ensure another win or two for NMSU this year.

The young receivers exploded and should be immediate contributors. They're all very fast. This offense is based around the play of its receivers. The quarterback gets the receivers the ball and they're asked to turn it upfield. It's simple. This is a deep unit. I just wonder why one of them can't be moved to corner. Seems like that group needs a little help.

Defensively, hard to accurately call it because of their competition. This was not the first-team Aggie offense so there is no need to jump through hoops over this one. Some things that were apparent though? For one, the group will try to be active. They will blitz, they will come to the line and drop off at the last second. They will try to disrupt the timing, rhythm and mindset of the offense. And you do that by disturbing the backfield, namely the offensive line and quarterback. That's going to be their motto. We'll see if it works.


Anonymous said...

Did any Aggie sign as a Un Drafted Free Agent yet?

Anonymous said...

What was the attendance for the spring game?

Anonymous said...

Cleaver and Martinez are headed to mini camps at Saints and Bears respectively. If it works out they could be signed. No Free Agent reports that I know of