Thursday, May 1, 2008

Naylor, Martinez and Cleaver

The past week it appeared as if Jared Naylor, Mike Martinez and Nick Cleaver would get shots to make NFL rosters.

First off, when I heard about Naylor, I was surprised. Jared didn't see the field much, at least not enough to really open my eyes, last season. His numbers aren't through the roof either. But whatever. Buffalo must like something about him. NMSU played in a 3-4 defense which is tough when you're D-end. We'll see what happens.

Martinez is a big guy and he has proved to be durable. Mike played every game last season. He has the size and it seems like he will be moved inside if he does make an NFL roster.

Cleaver, he was hurt last year. There's no doubt he can catch the ball. New Orleans seems like a good fit there. They have a creative offensive coach in Sean Payton. He finds roles for guys and they have had under-the-radar rookies make big impacts. Think Marques Colston two years ago and last year with running back Pierre Thomas. We'll see if they can do the same thing with Cleaver.


Anonymous said...

Mo' Murray also got a tryout with the KC Chiefs. Goodluck to all the aggies.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dante get a call. Good luck to all and my your NFL dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

Murray signed with the KC Chiefts, so whats up with getting nothing on him. He is on the KC Chiefts website on the roster.