Monday, April 14, 2008

Answer to a question

A blogger (GS) on the last Wendell McKines post stated some interesting things he heard regarding the basketball team.

The first had to do with the McKines transfer, the second with Gibson possibly leaving and the third regarding Pope and Young. Here's what I have to offer.

I heard during the year that McKines was possibly going to leave. I didn't believe it. Wendell got solid minutes last year for a freshman and filled a role on the team. His future looked bright. Well, it happened so I should have known better.

I also heard that Gibson would go. Again, I didn't believe it. Jonathan got good minutes too and had a decent year. I for one thought he was an enigmatic player, one who could shoot you into a game or right out of it. I didn't know if playing him as much as they did was the perfect move. He seems like he could use a heavier hand guiding him to being a very good scorer on the college level. But still, for what it was, he had a pretty decent year and it seemed like Menzies gave him the freedom he coveted on the court. Do I think he's going to go? No. But I said the same thing about Wendell and look what happened. Where is Johnathan going to find a better situation than NMSU? Hard to see him winding up in one. Who knows about this kid.

As for Pope and Young, again, I heard they were going to go. I think a lot here has to do with Chris Pompey. If he stays, it increases the chances of these kids staying. If he goes, I think you can kiss Pope, Young and Chris Cole out of town.

Do I think it's smart that these kids go? It really depends on the player. Jonathan Gibson, you're at NMSU. You're going to be a junior. You're going to see major minutes next year. He should stay in my eyes.

Herb Pope? He took a chance on coming to Las Cruces to begin with. And, personally, I think he regretted it. He was highly touted coming out of high school and last year was somewhat of a letdown. Herb has talent. I could see him rising in the future. If he's really not happy, I think he should go.

JY? He can score the ball. I think he should stay as well. He could be a top scorer in the WAC in a few years if all works out. He should stay.

These are just rumors. But again, when I heard Wendell would go, I laughed. And then it happened. Now, I don't count anything out.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why any of these kids want to leave. Gibson, Young, and Pope are almost assured of being starters next season.

What these kids really don't understand is if it is just a basketball decision, they really gain nothing by leaving.

Look at our previous transfers; Hawkins, Peete, Iti, and Steward all came to NMSU looking for a better situation. However, did they really gain anything by playing in a different arena? None of them are a sure thing to make the pros. Peete and Iti's numbers didn't even improve by the change in scenery. Admittedly, by coming to NMSU, Hawkins did manage to find a team that made him the center piece of their offense. However, I believe the only transfer that really made the most of the change by accepting his role on the team and excelling in the classroom was Trei Steward.

If Pope, Young, and Gibson think there is a better deal out there then by all means leave. I’m sure there are a lot of head coaches that are willing to tell them what they want to hear but in most cases it is just a fallacy.

Anonymous said...

I think the kids are frustrated w/ Menzies. Again, he acts more like an assistant than the head man!

I've always said that Pompey brings a lot to the table and I just get the feeling that Menzies doesn't give Pompey the warm and fuzzies.

Can you guys say, .500 season next year?
We had the best team in the WAC and got over .500 in mid February. Now, the bulk of the talent is gone and we are asking, un-proven players to fill those roles.

The program has taken a major step back under Menzies!

Anonymous said...

ARG! Anon 5:58, are you really that much of a lummox? All these shots at Menzies without any semblance of qualifying your remarks. Menzies won 21 games his first year as a head coach, a share of the WAC regular season title, and we were on the cusp of making the NCAAs. HIS FIRST YEAR.

Now we have a strong recruiting class coming in, and its shaking the fragile egos of the young men Theus recruited. Yet, very few are point a finger at Reggie for the type of players he's brought in. I am beginning to feel Theus was simply a quick fix band-aid, and now we have a greenhorn (Menzies) trying to stop the hemorrhaging. I have faith he'll stop the bleeding.

This is his program now, and even if we do go .500 next season, I still see it becoming a very strong one. It seems people of your ilk from the outset were determined not to give Menzies a chance. My question is: Why? Please provide a little more insight this time around than blind opinions.

Gibson, Young, and Pope would be fools to transfer and waste a year not playing basketball, when things are in place for them to START AND WIN. However, if next season, we have to take a step back, in order to take two steps forward, then I hope we can all handle it.

BTW, everyone knows that Rick Patino doesn't hire assistants who he doesn't believe could become head coaches. I'll trust his judgement over most of you foolish people any day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the answers that you gave Teddy.

Gibson should not leave because of the fact that he will be one of the key players next year and was a regular starter this past season. However, I work at the Pan Am and for several games was positioned next to our bench. During those times, I saw Gibson unhappy about his playing time, Menzies trying to reach out to him several times and his parents yelling at him to put him in. I think that Gibson is not happy at all with Menzies despite the fact that he will be a starter next year.Despite this though, he needs to understand that his future is here and not many teams will offer him something better.

Herb and JY should stick around for one more season if they really want to leave. Both started the season late and I they did not have the season that anyone expected. By staying one more year and having a good season they should be able to draw more attention instead of relying on their high school and prep school experience.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44 AM

"BTW, everyone knows that Rick Patino doesn't hire assistants who he doesn't believe could become head coaches. I'll trust his judgement over most of you foolish people any day."

In case you forgot. Theus was a Patino assistant as well.

Anonymous said...

Most of the boys were unhappy. It had nothing to do with their playing time. Gibson played alot & was still unhappy. Even though he had the most freedom. He could turn the ball over, force a shot etc. and he could continue playing. If the other boys made a mistake they were yanked out of the game immediately. I believe they don't have a good relationship with the coach. You should hear how he talks to them. If you could be a fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

If there are any other players who are unhappy and want to leave, they should ask for their release and move on. I for one want to see Pope, Young and Gibson back. One thing I don't want to see happen is unahappy players stay and then this whole mess carries over to next year.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:54 -- I'm not sure I'm catching your drift. Theus was a pretty good HC. I think Menzies is going to prove he's the right man to lead the program.

Anonymous said...

If they leave, they leave. Fueling speculation and rumors is never good.

Infamous Chuck said...

Anon. 7:26 AM

I think what Anon 4:54 was trying to say in respose to Anon 11:44 who is not giving Theus credit for his time here. Anon 11:44 refered to Theus as a band aid, and questioned the players he brought in. 11:44 went on to say that he trusted Patino more than you foolish people.

So I think 4:54 was reminding 11:44that Theus was also a Patino coach.

If you're going to praise Patino on his coaches selection as a whole, you should be reminded that the guy you are blasting has the same pedigree as the one you are praising.

On a side note I think more people should take credit for their comment. You don't need a google id you can just post it at the bottom of your post or click on the name/url and post it there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37, have you been a fly on the wall?

How do you know how MM talks to the team?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:01 -- That's a fair point, but I never questioned Theus's coaching ability. I just question some of Theus's decision, and if they were in the best long term interest of the university. Hence the quick fix statements. I think both Theus and Menzies are/will be fine head coaches. Menzies just needs more time, and support to build his program.

Anonymous said...

It's Pitino

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44
It does not matter if MM critics spell out their concerns with the program under his leadership. You will spin things the way you want. Too funny that you criticize RT, and praise MM because you "trust Pitino's judgement". Your emotion in defending MM must mean one thing: you are either Kyle Doperalski, John McMullen, or Matt Grady.

I sincerely hope MM succeeds, because I'm a diehard Aggie. I just think he let us all down in his first year. By the end of the season, he had all the pieces in place, and failed to deliver. Now the WAC tourney moves to Reno, so our chances of getting to the NCAA in the near future decreased significantly. This past season was as good a situation as Aggie fans could ask for, and we got nothing. Hopefully he will improve as a HC and bring in talented kids with better character than JY and Pope. More importantly, hopefully he has earned the respect of Pope, JY, and Gibson so that they stay and become good citizens. I'll repeat - I'm rooting for him to succeed, but based on his first year as HC, I'm not optimistic. Hope he proves me wrong.

The scariest thought is what someone posted on either Teddy's or JG's post - "MM is our Richie McKay". God, I sure hope not. Go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare

Aggie Fan For Life said...

Damon Archibald oops I mean "Aggie Glare" you have been a Menzies hater all season long and your jaded opinion diminishes with every post! I like how you throw in token comments like "I hope he succeeds" and "I'm rooting for him" then you go on to kill him. I've always felt that REAL fans support their players and coaches with positive outlooks and optimistic predictions. Check Out a top 25 programs Blog site and see what Diehard Fans post, you'll see the majority of negativity is pointed at their rivals like it should be. The comparison to RM is a joke, Menzies is in his first year as a head coach, RM had head coaching positions at Portland State, Colorado State, and Oregon State prior to his failed attempt to lead the far as I know RM has never signed one McDonald's All-American or any top 25 nationally ranked recruiting classes (Menzies has FOUR of them). Who are we kidding this thing is about 80% PLAYERS! you can point to Memphis and see that. Great year but a total meltdown the last 2 minutes of the Game, where a disciplined team would have finished off with a "W" like Kansas. Don't get me wrong coaching does count, especially down the stretch! "Damon, I mean Aggie Glare I'm a real FAN and I will remain optimistic till the day I die!!! Sorry MM let you down by going 12-4 in Conference, and triple overtime in the Tournament Final. I guess your whole attitude would be different if we would have got that one stop we needed when we were up 1 with about 19 seconds left in regulation-or would it?. Have faith! better yet support another team with fake fans like you who needs rivals. By the the way do you really hope MM proves you wrong Damon...move on with your life

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53,
I've changed my mind of who you are - way to stand by your man Ms. MM!! Boy I really got you going now. Your rambling rants are priceless - too funny!! So if I was the HC and did not get my team to repeat as WAC champs on my home court as expected, you would still support me with the same diehard emotion - thanks man!! You keep on being the fanatic Aggie cheerleader and die hard supporter of MM, and I'll keep being a realistic Aggie fan and financial supporter. Who knows, one day MM may earn my praise too.
-Aggie Glare, a/k/a Damon

PS Ever heard of Danny Granger? In case you did not know, he's pretty darn good. Regardless, RM still sucked.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I got YOU going Ms. Glare! lol

Point #1- I'm a Aggie Supporter not just a supporter of our coach.

Point #2- Yes, I will continue to support the Aggies eventhough they lost in the Final game of the tourney in triple overtime

Point #3- You should insert the word "Pessimistic" for "Realistic" when referring to yourself as an Aggie supporter

Point #4- I personally donated 15,000 bucks to Aggie Athletics....and you?

Point #5- Danny Granger was not a McDonalds All-American and RM had to hire a coach from Bradley University to get him. I don't really consider that recruiting (maybe you do!)

Point #6- here you go again with your fake support "one day he may earn your praise"(Your A Joke!)Honestly do you think killing your head coach is the way to go. Constructive criticism is one thing being an jerk is another.

Please let me know how much you donate so I can match it and you can move on to support another university! now I know why you call yourself Aggie GLARE because you can't see straight! lol My
co-workers agree regarding your negativity. We hope it hasn't been contagious to real Aggie Fans!

Real Aggie Fan C/O 1992