Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring scrimmage

I realize this is way past deadline but I wanted to state some things about NMSU's spring scrimmage the other day.

First off, I mentioned LaVorick Williams on a previous post and he absolutely torched the Aggie secondary on his long catch and run for a touchdown. He looks to be a possible stud in the future at NMSU.

The defense was bad. You hope this ends up being an afterthought and just the first scrimmage of the year. I'm sure that had a hand in it. But the D needs to play well if the Aggies are going to make noise. Forget playing well, just hold the opposition every once in a while. They are learning a new system, sure, but the defense needs to play better if they want to go anywhere.

A few things of note:
The running back position is deep. I'm excited to see Marquell Colston come in as well. I've heard good things about him. They have talent back there and though people think running back is meaningless in the Air Raid, that isn't entirely true. The backs do see the ball often. Holbrook will often do a forward lateral to a runner out of the backfield and they'll call it a pass completion. But it might as well be a handoff. They are deep in the backfield.

I don't think they know who they will trot out on defense yet. Some positions are set in stone, but many are not. It's early and they are learning but it would be nice if some semblance of unity was out there. They have about 20 receivers on this team, can't one or two play defense? Just a question, it seems like the secondary could use some help.

I do think the team can make some noise this year. I said that last year too, maybe I'm just too optimistic. But they were alright last season until players started going down. Again, defense needs to hold other team to under 30 a game. If they do that, I think six wins is possible. A stretch, but certainly possible.


Anonymous said...

The speed is pretty impressive!
We're just fine offensively.

The defense is still learning the system. We will need the "D" to get crucial stops!

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know how hard it is to learn a new defense. It is going to take the defense awhile before they get the defense. If you knew anything about football you would know that is the reason why they played poorly last week, and I'm pretty sure they will play better today.