Friday, April 4, 2008

Fox hitting the road?

Mark Fox is being recruited by California as a possible replacement for their coaching vacancy.

Fox could very easily go. A Pac-10 school that can knock Nevada off in the financial gain. It sounds like the time may have come where he leaves.

Then there is JaVale McGee, who went on to the NBA Draft. I think McGee is an enormous talent. He would have been dynamite had he come back this year. But the NBA is a stretch. He seemed to play in spurts last season.

Regardless, it leaves the Wolf Pack with a hole in the middle. The team would have leaned on McGee as a pillar in 2008-09. He was built to throttle the WAC next season. Big loss. And then, what about Fox? If they lose him? Foundations are built from the ground up and Fox has constructed many teams in the past. The big man is gone and the architect could be next. So what's next for the Pack?

The frontcourt is supposedly thin heading into next year. The team lost, not only McGee, but also Demarshay Johnson David Ellis, two frontcourt players as well. Their recruiting class is also supposedly guard heavy. Every team faces questions in the offseason. Nevada has some big ones at the moment.

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