Saturday, April 5, 2008

WAC football

It seemed to be a down year in WAC basketball in terms of play, last season.

I'm going to say that the same goes for the conference in football too.

Really, this has to do with the top teams just not being head and shoulders about anyone else right now. We all know who Hawaii lost - basically their whole passing game and passing-oriented head coach. Sounds like a transitional year there.

Boise State seems to be the front runner but only based off of experience. The Broncos have not nailed down a competent QB yet although Bush Hamden should win that job. One QB that has impressed in Bronco spring camp is Prosser Wash. native Kellen Moore.

Fresno State should be good, solid, but great? I don't think so. Them and Nevada though will be those two teams that come knocking on the door and make some noise. Louisiana Tech should continue to improve. NMSU could win some games this year if things fall the right way.

Utah State will be a team that continues to struggle but a few scrapiron wins will highlight their schedule. Idaho looks to be be a possible disaster.

When healthy, is NMSU comparable to a Utah State and Idaho? I don't think so. I think the Aggies have more talent. They're not on that level. They're definitely not on the level of Nevada and Fresno State though either. NMSU will need to beat one of these teams on the road this year if they are serious about a bowl bid. Tall order for the Aggies.

Two of their more winnable games are both on the road at Idaho and Utah State. NMSU needs a sweep here. Harder than some may think.

Boise is still the class of this conference. They return a deep RB corps and WR group. Look out for Jeremy Childs. He is an explosive talent at wideout for the Broncos, a player who will open eyes this year across the conference.

La. Tech is going to be a surprise team. The Bulldogs have talent and a new QB in place. They should be a darkhorse.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Childs was suspended from school for this semester and will miss the entire spring practice.

He is planning on returning to the team but missing the whole spring could have an impact on how he plays this season, especially from a conditioning standpoint.

Teddy said...

Childs has had some problems. I believe he was suspended from their bowl game last year as well. But he's a dynamic player. If he's not in the lineup, Boise isn't the same. But I think he'll be there when it's all said and done and producing at that.

Anonymous said...

I think FSU is the class of the WAC going into the fall. Followed closely by BSU. Nevada, NMSU, SJSU, and LA Tech could be a toss up!! I like idaho better than USU!! If this aggie team can take care of the road games at USU and Idaho. Then I think this team will win enough at home to go bowling. The key to the season is health. We have depth at LB, and WR, and Oline, but D line, Db's have to step up!!

Teddy said...

Don't overlook Nevada in the WAC. Their big 3 of Colin Kaepernick (QB) Luke Lippencott (RB) and Marko Mitchell (WR) all return. Offensively, that team will be explosive and dangerous to contend with.

Todd said...

NMSU will shock the world this season. Healthy offensive players and a re-tooled defense will lead to a winning record, a bowl berth, and more than a few highlights on ESPN. GO AGGIES!

Anonymous said...

Boise State will be a dominate team this year. With Ian Johnson healthy, back-ups Avery and Hodge they should have a dynamite running team. And don't leave out there new-comer Martin. Who knows how the passing game will be. Childs comeback is still up in the air, but Vinny Perretta is back and ready to make a great appearance. With all that said...Go Big Blue!!!