Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Was anyone really surprised...

...about the outcome against Utah State? Look at my blog last Monday about the San Jose game. The last paragraph. Anyone who has followed this team closely this year knew they could easily lose to Utah State. It was obvious. They were just straight up beat down in the second half.

A few things stood out to me. First off, there was no real plan in place, at least it didn't look that way. Again, outscore the other team. If that doesn't work, go in the tank. Where is plan B or C? It wasn't there on Saturday. Utah State, they ran the ball well and set up the play-action pass, which led to a few scoring tosses for them. The Aggie secondary has been beaten repeatedly this year. Their only conference win was against Idaho and if the Vandals had a QB, they would have lost that game too. Idaho missed wide open receivers downfield all night.

Also, for those who said that loss of Chris Williams wouldn't matter much, look at the team with him in the lineup compared with him out of the lineup. There is a big difference. Against Utah State, NMSU couldn't throw downfield. USU dropped in a deep zone throughout the game and sat on underneath routes. You need that guy to stretch the field. No one does that anymore. Chris is the team's best player. Without him, they don't scare people.

The Aggies have lost six of seven. Each game has gotten progressively worse. I have said since the beginning it will be hard for them to fire Mumme because of the two years remaining on his deal. Some of the assistants will be made out as the scapegoats. And with the way the season has ended, it could be hard to keep anyone on the staff including the head coach.


Anonymous said...

Widenhoffer has sold his house and everyone in LC knows it, including his players.

This is the case of the bad apple ruining the entire basket.
Widehoffer quit thus, the team quits then, the fans quit!

Get rid of that apple before he infects the entire state.

What do you do when you find out you have cancer?
You kill the cancer (Woody Widenhoffer) before it kills you!

Woddy leaves LC w/ his tail between his legs.
Good riddance, quitter!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, not having a Chris Williams-type player on the field is a loss for any football team. But "team" is the operative word. One player is not the team. The head coach is responsible for preparing the team to compete and win notwithstanding players' injuries. Injuries are part of the game. I disagree that it would be hard to fire Mumme because of two years left on his contract. Firing Mumme is a "no-brainer." The money NMSU would lose in buying out his contract they would gain in other ways including more revenues generated in increased ticket sales and attendance. Two more years of Mumme would two more years of the same incompetent coaching and irresponsible blaming players for his bad coaching. Coach Hal mumme is a loser. What reasonable student, alumnus, or resident of Las Cruces would be willing to give this coach their support another year, let alone two years? Lets stop the bleeding now. Lets cut our losses and get a fresh start with a new head coach. Mumme should have been fired immediately after the Utah State loss. If he can't out-coach and beat a winless team, next year will be more of the same. Fire Mumme now!

AzAggie said...

I'm willing to start or contribute to a collection drive to buy out this mistake of a coach.WE,the long-suffering fans/alumni want to pick the next coach-the AD/president or whoever at NMSU always picks a consistent LOSER!!At this rate,by his contract's end,we will have a new consecutive losses record with 29!!

SM said...

Part of me is a little surprised and part of me is not surprised.

For the part that is surprised, here goes:

NMSU football, although bad, is not as bad as our last two losses indicate. That indicates to me that this team has completely thrown in the towel. But what is alarming to me is the fact that the coaching staff appears to have done the same thing. This coaching staff has one job: to coach football. It is unfathomable that the staff would just give up on this team.

By way of analogy, that would be like me, an attorney, giving up on a case because I lost a couple of pre-trial motions and my witnesses got sick before trial and could not attend. Certainly, I have a duty to my client to keep pressing on and work diligently in representing my client's interest. If I give up on the case because I lose some motions or some witnesses, not only will I be fired by the client and perhaps be sued for malpractice, but I will lose my job and maybe my license to practice law.

Turning to the NMSU coaches, they have completely done something none of us can do in the real world, which is give up. Teddy, you could not just stop writing quality stories because you have a bad week or two. My brother, a teacher, could not start giving half-baked lectures if he received a bad review from his Principal. A financial advisor could not stop giving sound advice just because he made an erroneous stock market prediction. The list goes on and on. The main point is that people in the real world cannot give up on their jobs just because some adversity hits. This coaching staff is paid good money (at least by our terms, if not by other coaches' terms) and they should not be allowed to give up on a season without facing consequences.

The players are also not immune from this criticism. These players have the opportunity to do what few high school athletes can do, which is play college football at the D-1 level. They, unlike the rest of the world, get the benefit of a free education while playing a sport they love. This is not to say that many D-1 athletes are not exploited by the university that gives them this scholarship, but as individuals who have to pay their way through school with loans and grants, we do expect some pride while these athletes represent our school. It looks like we are not getting that.

For the part of me that was not surprised:

This is NMSU football, and as NMSU fans, we are used to disappointment and excuses from the staff.

Anonymous said...

yes,we are used to excuses from the staff, but there should be none except to blame themselves for not coaching these athletes up. There are some very good athletes on the team but as a team, they cant put it together - and thats the lack of good coaching. The players dont respect Mumme because he is always pointing a finger at a player or players as to why they lose a game. How can he blame the special teams for losing a game when the offense wasnt putting points up either. TEAM. Mumme doesnt get it.

Have you seen Dorrell from UCLA, Weiss from Notre Dame or anyone from Nebraska blaming their players? These are big time schools with big time coaches who take the blame themselves. Most will be losing their jobs this year and they wont blame their players.

Mr. Boston needs to fix this problem. Im betting on about 2500 fans at the Fresno State game. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Oh, and by the way, how can Mumme blame his 'walk ons' - just because someone is a walk on doesnt mean they are not better than their scholarship counterparts - (lets use Colt Brennan as an example, he was a walk on at Hawaii). When Mumme blames his walk ons he should then point the finger he loves to point so much, directly at his recruiting coordinator or special teams coach. Why? Because they recruited scholarship players who arent good enough to play, thus the walk ons are playing instead.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I was surprised - kind of. USU and NMSU both have terrible D's, but NMSU's O stats were significantly better than USU. Another NMSU loss this season should not surprise anyone, but I was surprised at how easy USU beat us. I said in an earlier writing we would beat USU because they were awful. Well, its obvious we are worse.

Interesting how anon writes we need to get rid of Mumme now to increase ticket revenue. Sounds great, but based on what? Will there really be much more interest in our program with a new coach? Look around the college football landscape, and think back to our's three years ago. Wins put fans in the seats, and first year coaches typically don't do well at all. With the skill players we have coming back for their senior season, Mumme is our best chance at winning games. I realize saying Mumme gives us our best chance at winning sounds crazy, but its true. Dr. Boston must consider this argurment, and more importantly the money aspect. It just adds up to Mumme being around at least one more year. But hey, I also predicted NMSU would beat USU!!

This football season has been over since the beat down Hawaii put on us, which was the second serious beat down we suffered from a WAC opponent. It's too bad too, as the national TV exposure we so badly wanted has turned out to be the worst thing for our program. No one in the stands and a lethargical uninspired effort on the field. Recruiting is the life line of a successful football program, and the type of TV exposure we got this year was certainly detrimental to our football program and school. The impact on recruiting with be a bust rather than a boom. Good news is our hoops season is underway!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

You people are ridiculous! Coaches don't quit or stop trying because their team is losing and neither do the players.
To call coaches losers and quitters is a low class comment.
Are the coaches & players' spirits & confidence beat down? Yes. This game is played between the ears and right now this team is not right psychologically. Additonally,everyone knew that this team could not afford injuries to starters. The Aggies have no depth.
So quit the stupid comments and finger pointing.
This team needs support from fans, not abuse.
Your comments reveal your character. You idiots are the true losers.

InfamousChuck said...

SM Said:
"For the part of me that was not surprised:

This is NMSU football, and as NMSU fans, we are used to disappointment and excuses from the staff."

Seems to me that we as fans are ready to lose the loser mentality. That's why there has been such an outcry of wanting to get rid of Mumme. Can you remeber the last time there was so much chatter in the community of wanting to get rid of a coach.

I wrote in an older post(as anon. I forgot to log in) about the school getting rid of Tony Samuel after a 5 win season and had he played 1AA schools it could have been a 7 win season. I don't recall any questions being raised on Samuel's record when he was fired. We were told that Samuel couldn't handle the WAC and we were sold on Tim Couch and the great Air Raid offense at Kentucky and how even Steve Spurrier feard it. Had Hal come in and won 5 games in either of his previous years he would have been hailed as the leader of the mighty Air Raid. But the fact that he is only approaching 5 wins against D1 competition we have lost any and all patience with him, as well we should.

Mercury H. said...

Was anyone really surprised...

Yes. I was surprised at how our criticism of Aggie football has shifted from the players performing poorly to Woody's house being sold. Did Woody's house miss a kick with the game on the line? It hasn't been reported in the paper, so as far as I know we are making up excuses for a team that hasn't shown much heart.

I am surprised that this year's team is not as good as last year. I saw a lack of effort at AMS in Game 1, again at Boise State, and heard the disappointment on the radio in Jack Nixon's voice against the Utags. I want to read in the paper how Boston is going to save this program. Ask Mumme what is wrong with this team, and what went wrong. The team was showing signs of improvement last year and they fought hard every game. They disappointed announcers that had heard about the Air Raid and wanted to see it in person (oh, I mentioned Boise State already. This year's team is not more of the same, because we actually had realistic NM Bowl expectations this yeart. If Mumme has no answer and no Plan B or C when you ask him how this happened then he needs to get fired, or resign.

Maybe Mumme doesn't want to coach here. Has anyone asked him? What does Mumme think of the fan support? Is he getting the message? I haven't seen these questions answered in the paper.

This is juicy and there is not one article about Aggie football in today's paper. Give me reasons to believe or get on the Mumme Must Go Bandwagon. I am surprised that we are waiting for the season to be over to try and fix this thing or even know the reason why. Don't Expect Miracle Against Fresno. Fresno State Will Be Differnt. Mumme Guarantees Effort. Player Guarantees Victory. There are plenty of articles about the Aggies right there. Tell me the Aggies looked flat before kickoff so I won't get my hopes up.

Anonymous said...

Widenhoffer has sold his house and everyone in LC knows it, including his players.

Hey Teddy: is this even true?
there asn't been anything in the paper---you are the Aggies beat writer right?

It will be a huge mistake if we fired Hal Mumme this year. No coach in America would want to coach NMSU after this because we never gave Hal Mumme a chance. He has this program going in the right directions, and if you can't see that then you must be blind.

NMSU has struggled this year, because of injuries, and the APR.( Thanks alot TS)

& We don't have the depth (yet)to lose players like Chase Holbrook, Chris Williams, and Derek Dubois. We need to give Hal Mumme more time
because I know that he will get this program turn around. He is doing a great job recruiting.

We already have 14 commitments this season, and just got a commitment from a very fast WR from Texas. 4.28 40.

We need to give Hal Mumme one more time...Hell we gave TS 8 years

Anonymous said...

Now for some good news:

A: Lavarick Williams from Odessa Permian commited to NMSU. He is 6'3 187, and has 4.28 or 4.3 speed. He was suppose to play track and field at Texas Tech, but didn't get cleared so he is at a CC right now, and is suppose to enroll at NMSU in January.
he's a cousin of Roy Williams.
UTEP was recruiting him, and he was suppose to visit a Iowa who had offered him, but decided not to go after he commited to Hal Mumme, and NMSU.

Az Aggie said...

Anon DCS:These people that you call "idiots" will most likely be at the Field of Dreams on Friday cheering on a WINNER in a sold-out game while you will probably be languishing in a near-empty stadium watching a pathetic college football team show what it can't do in front of a national TV audience-how to play like a WINNER,not a WHINER!

Anonymous said...


NMSU players never gave us. Injuries have killed us, and we don't have the depth to replace those players. We can't replace a Chris Williams or a Derek Dubois, and Tony Glynn was also important to our offense. We have not had all our starters together since the UTEP game, and that was the last time we saw the Offense, and Defense play, and both played a great game. Hal Mumme is going to be our coach next season, and he is going to get it turn around. Hey Teddy, Hal Mumme just got Roy Williams little cousin Lavorick Williams a 6'3 187 WR who has 4.28 40 speed to commit to NMSU. He picked NMSU over a Big-10 team. Maybe try to get a article on him. I mean we already have 7 commitments for football. When was the last time we had that many commitments. I mean Teddy, we also have another WR who is at three-star rated the 68th best WR in the nation. The season might be a disapointment, but I'm not giving up on this team or this coaching staff, because I believe they will get this program turn around. Now that we found another play maker for next season. That should help Chris Williams out a lot.

Anonymous said...

So selling your house, not adressing the team, and leaving a game within 10 minutes of the whistle doesn't mean anything at all?
C'mon! Read between the lines here.

You have a coach telling his players to keep fighting, don't give up, etc. yet, his actions say otherwise!

Widenhoffer's actions told the kids it's ok to quit when things get tough!
Quitting is contagious. Take off the blinds and look around!

Anonymous said...

Like someone said before, you play with what you got and you go out and do your best. Losing at home to a team who was riding a 16 game losing streak is unacceptable. And then to blame your walk-ons who are working their butts for the team and have to pay their own way for school is classless act by a head coach.

There is a reason why he was coaching at SE LA after Kentucky and not somewhere else in D-1.

Now NMSU is not even in the top 120 programs in the country but heck I think there were a lot more quality young/deserving coaches out there. Heck the WAC is the old Big West/Sun Belt conference with Hawaii, Fresno and other schools. At least when Samuels was here the Aggies were competitive in almost all of their conference games and not getting blown out 58-0

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mumme was discrediting the walk ons...as a matter of fact he was praising them. However, a high school kid fresh off the high school field has not had enough time to build up his body to handle the hits they will take at the college level. They also are at a disadvantage because they haven't had time to learn all the plays etc. It takes time and reps.
I have watched every Hal Mumme show all season. NEVER have I heard him call out a player to blame for the game. I read EVERY item in the media when he is questioned and again NEVER heard him blame a player. You need to get the chip off your shoulder and whether you like Mumme or not read and listen to what he says. I'm not saying Mumme is the answer, but he is the one we have! He and June have an "open door" policy for any and all of the players. I don't think this is a sign of a coach that blames others.
Sorry this was so long but it really irritates me when people just want to complain without merit.

Anonymous said...

What has Mumme done for NMSU?
- A law suit for religious discrimination
- A 12 game loosing streak
- One of the worst defenses in the nation
- A current four game losing streak
- 3 WAC wins in three years
- 8-28 record
- 4-24 D1 record

Why is everyone so in love with this guy?
Can anyone say something positive about this clown?

The numbers don't lie!

Home Grown

Anonymous said...

All you had to do is look at the sideline in the second half of the Utah St. game. The Utags were all standing on the sideline watching the game, involved. 3/4 or the NMSU team were spread out all over sitting on the benches (no team meeting) un-interested, leaned back, sunning themselves. Who's fault is that? The defensive coach, the players, the head coach?

Anonymous said...

What to do, what to do!

It's a tough call. Although the majority is fed up w/ Mumme. We still have a very, very good offense w/ Chase, CW, AJ, Glynn, Buries, Palmer, Taylor, Gutierrez, Bolin, etc. coming back next year.

The defense has been bad (trying not to be blunt) for the past three years.

I honestly think Dr. Boston will weigh the great kids on offense vs. all the negative press.

I think Mumme stays another year but, the defensive staff will receive a major overhaul.
No surprise here since rumors say, that Woody has one foot out the door!

If Mumme stays; Mumme needs to hire a DC w/ Dr. Boston's full approval or have Dr. Boston find and hire the the DC himself.

The problem?
Which proven Defensive coach, in there right mind is willing to come in for a year, maybe two and try and become the defensive saviour?

It will have to be a young coach that has a lot of upside but, has little time to turn it around!
Heaven help us!


Anonymous said...

What? Anonymous said he's never heard Mumme call out a player for losing a game? Ok, not on tv, but he sure says it in the papers and most definately in the locker room. After the USU game it said specifically he didnt know who to point the finger at yet! He's used that comment, and blames his special teams regularly. Come on, the guy throws blame around on a regular basis.

NMSU Aggies will never build a program with mediocre coaches. This is a mediocre coaching staff with a few stars on a team. Recruiting - tv destroyed any possiblity of that so if Boston brings in a name coach who athletes WANT to play for, a program can be built. Hawaii went from worst to first in one season a few years bac. NMSU could do the same with the right people in place. There are some quality players on the team and with a great recruiting coordinator and coach NMSU could do much better.

Get ready for another beat down this week with Pat Hills gang. I WANT NMSU to win, I want them to be good, but if the coaching staff looks dead on the sidelines what do you expect from the players.

Anonymous said...

As far as June and Mumme having an open door policy for players...UH has probably the best walk on program in the country. Mumme does an awful job with his walk ons. Two seasons ago an athlete (my nephew) transferred from the the Naval academy because he didnt want to do the military thing, a substantially better program than NMSU came to NMSU in the spring and decided walk on and was not given any opportunity at all, pretty much blown off by the staff. A great academic student as well. He left and is playing, not sitting the bench, at an MWC school now. So dont tell me Mumme has a good walk on program. Now he's blaming his special teams because they are walk ons (it was in the paper, remember?) - where are his scholarship special team players?

AZ Aggie said...

Just a thought-what has been the success rate of past-NMSU coaches who have moved on to other coaching jobs?Someone mentioned that we haven't given this coach a fair chance.Well,did the university ad's give Tony Samuel a fair chance? How about Jim Hess? Jim Bradley? (insert your favorite name here)If these coaches are supposed to have a good coaching record and reputation,then why do they not experience success here?If this university could hire the BEST college football coach ever,would he experience success,or more of the same frustration? The fact that Aggie football fortunes turned for the worse after 1967 (Warren Woodson FORCED to retire)is no accident-perhaps by design? In short-maybe the problem is much deeper in the AD department or in the attitude that the "powers that be" hold about how a major college football team should be run.These questions should be asked and the answers brought out into the open before another coaching change is made-or this school will just keep ruining otherwise successful coaches-with that reputation,NO ONE will want to coach NMSU football-NOBODY!!

Anonymous said...

I see nmsufootball/frank is over here posting the APR/injury excuses as well. Yeah, SJSU doesn't have a depth issue. Yup, neither does USU. Nor does LaTech.

We are the only team in America that has depth issues, thus, we are allowed to lose to other teams nmsufootball previously predicted we would easily win.

APB about beat us at home when our depth wasn't the excuse it is today. We lost in the last 5 minutes to LaTech in a game I thought we had well under control. Not a depth issue there. Both those games showed that the coaching is lacking, at best.

Anonymous said...

Far and away the best thing for NMSU as an educational institution would be to get rid of the football program entirely. Not only is it an embarrassment to the school, but it also drains money away from programs that really add to the intellectual and economic development of New Mexico and young New Mexicans.

On the plus side, after two more years of Hal Mumme, I predict we'll see exactly what it is I'm calling for here!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Mumme praise his walk ons, read it again, he was blaming them for not doing well.

If he was a good recruiter and a good coach, injuries wouldnt make much of a difference. Hawaii didnt even blink when they beat Nevada. They didnt have Pilares, their top slotback or Brennan, a Heismann candidate (much like Oregon went down hill fast when their QB got hurt), 2 of their OL and a starting DL were not in the game either, according to the ESPN announcers. So the injury excuse is just another flat out excuse. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

We as a community should tar & feather Mumme and his staff and send them packing. Why let Boston or whats his face (worthless school president) decide. Let's as a community take it upon ourselves to show these losers the door. This team sucks. A disgrace in every sense of the word. Worst defense I've ever seen in D-1 football. There are a lot of hungry, ambitious young assistants and coordinators at good programs who would take this job seriously. Let's get one of these guys in here and start winning some games.

Anonymous said...

Dude, write another blog entry.

Anonymous said...

too tough to post a blog about the aggie basketbal team in the last week?

You heard it hear first... Calling for menzies fired! How can your quotes seriously be.."how proud of your team you are" after losing two straight that you are capable of winning...? the guy is a pussy... and reggie would turn over in his las cruces grave. You think reggie sat up tonight after his team lost to the pacers last night and gave them an atta boy? hell no.


pitino wouldn't stand for it either. I'm transfering to a school where you show up to win.

AZ Aggie said...

Anon suggests getting rid of football? It's a cruel fact of college sports that football is the "mother's milk" of many non-revenue generating sports.The alternative would be to see ticket prices for volleyball,women's basketball/softball,men's baseball skyrocket to cover the lost revenue.It could force non-spectator sports to be dropped altogether.And heaven knows we're already paying enough for MEN'S basketball.Other colleges recruit athletes like we do,it's what they're doing with their talent that the football coaches/staff fail to do,as in provide proper motivation/leadership by example