Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hoops update

Here's Groves' preview story for the game tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Duke is favored by 17. I like Duke to cover. Against Ohio, we had 18 turnovers. Turnovers was something the Aggies did way too much of last year. Against Duke's pressure, that number could be 25 or higher. Hopefully the Aggies will try getting shots inside where we have a height advantage. If not, this could get ugly. I'll be watching and hoping (but not expecting) for the best.
-Aggie Glare

The Buss said...

I'm sitting here watching the Duke game right now, and it's not pretty. Of course, this had to be expected. NMSU is a young team as far as guard play goes, and our inside presence is extremely volatile, up one game and down the next.

For me, I'm just glad to see them playing some big time talent as opposed to starting against Western NM or NM Highlands or something like that. Let's just wait and see if it pays off come WAC time.

I'm a little discouraged with what I've seen and heard these first two games. Last year, our guards kind of just played street ball, and I'm seeing it again this year. Let's hope that Menzies can enact some discipline on this team and get it together before UNM and UTEP come up on the schedule. There's a lot of expectations this year, but you never know, this could end up being a re-building year, a lot of questions won't be answered until WAC play rolls around.

Teddy said...

I agree with you saying that this could be a rebuilding year given a new coach and new players. But what does that mean about the future? It's unfortunate if this is a rebuilding year, because Hawkins and Peete will be virtually impossible to replace, considering Gillenwater isnt playing this year and none of the new guards will be able to replace Peete on the defensive least not in a year.