Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mayfield, Cruces

Anyone who wants to cast their vote for who will win the Mayfield-Cruces showdown Friday night, go to http://www.lcsun-news.com/sports

Poll is along the left-hand column


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bull-puppies? Bwa-ha-ha.

Go Trojans!

The Buss said...

I come from the eastern part of the state, and originally moved here to attend NMSU. I couldn't possibly care less who wins the game, but I am intrigued by the matchup and by both teams. I just want a team from Cruces to win state, so it'll be interesting to see who IS the better team.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I went to Onate for a year and half before I moved from the area, so I couldn't care less. Well, maybe I'll go for Cruces since the time I was there, we kinda didn't like Mayfield, but it wasn't much of anything. I agree Buss, I want to see a team from Cruces win state, regardless of who it is.