Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Anonymous said...

All you Mumme lovers still in love after the Utah Game? If you are, there is something wrong with your brain, and you should go see a shrink! I can hardly wait to read all the excuses Hal will try to circulate to save his butt! Just face it, he and his entire staff suck!!

Anonymous said...

If I hear Mumme make one more comment about 'who to point the finger at', who to blame for his losses Im going to go insane. He blames the walk on players for his lack of special teams - seems thats just saying his scholarship players just arent good enough. Mr. Boston needs to rethink this football coach. Time for Mumme to look at himself and his coaches as those to blame. I mean come on, what kid would want to play for a coach who can only throw blame around instead of teaching how to improve. Mumme should be ogone.

Anonymous said...

Time for Mumme to go. Get someone from UCLA or Notre Dame - they'll all probably be getting fired but they are all way above this current staff.

The Buss said...

Yeah, agreed, 100%. That was absolutely pathetic. And just to think, the week before, ESPN had Utah State as one of the three worst football teams in the nation. NMSU's 4 wins don't even begin to tell the story of how bad they are. Mumme has no excuse being a college football coach, if you'd care to argue, go ahead, but the whole '5 year plan' excuses just don't cut it.

Ira & Shelia said...

I'm not sure who "anonymous" is...the one that continues to claim the Aggie football team is "heading in the right direction." You my friend are unaware and completely oblivious to what's happening in LC. Hal Mumme (and his coaching staff) have the obvious inability to motivate their football team to play as a single, focused, disciplined unit. I've said it once before, I'll say it again...making excuses and saying we've been bit by the injury bug is absolutely's a cop-out for accepting responsibility. There are plenty of "small schools" out there that field teams of kids that live up to the expectations of the head coach. Case in point: the service academies...always under-rated, smaller/slower guys/teams that overachieve. Why? Coaching. NMSU needs to can Mumme and his staff. Reason? Inability to motivate and coach 18-22yr olds. Losing to a 16-straight loss Utah State team at home...ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Changes need to be made.
We lost to one on the worst teams in the Nation. That just makes us, one of the worst teams in the nation.

Quit w/ the injuries or APR excuse. This is college FB and not golf. Injuries are part of the game!

The reason the kids have quit is because, they know Widenhoffer has quit on them by selling his house. If he quits why shouldn't we, is the attitude.
How can you be motivated when your coach has quit on you? Can't blame the kids.

Dr. Boston & Dr. Martin,
Please buy out Mumme's contract!! If you have to raise prices to help pay; we season tkt holders are willing to see a price hike.
We are tired of losing and just want to win!
Please fire Mumme and bring in a winner!

The Truth

Anonymous said...

FIRE HIS A**!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The team has come out flat the past few weeks.
If the kids aren't responding, maybe it's time for a change?

Bring in a new staff and let these kids go out and earn or lose their scholarships.
The new staff will bring in there own kids and will steal some scholarships away from current players.

There's nothing like the threat of losing a scholarship to get someone fired up, right?