Thursday, November 29, 2007

NCAA receives Young’s file

Here is part of the story that will run on friday. It seems like Young is a realistic possibility sooner than later. I get the feelling that Pope's situation could have a positive outcome, but it seems like a situation that could continue to drag out.

NMSU submitted two final documents to the NCAA regarding freshman guard Jahmar Young’s eligibility Thursday afternoon. The NCAA will receive the documentation today and should come back with a ruling within the next seven days.
This is the second time Young’s file was submitted to the NCAA recently and the governing body responded by asking for additional information. Menzies said it was a good sign that rather than reject Young’s latest information, the NCAA responded by asking for additional documentation.
“If they say no, we can appeal and he can practice,” Menzies said.
Aggie freshman forward Herb Pope was initially denied eligibility. He was granted an initial waiver by the NCAA, allowing him to practice for four days before being pulled off the court as his case was moved from a waiver process back to the review process that Young is currently in.
Regarding Pope, Menzies said, “Recent discussions with the NCAA have still left questions marks with Herb’s eligibility, but steps are getting closer to a conclusion in the near future.”
The university hired Bond, Schoeneck and King, a Kansas City based consulting firm, to devote 40 hours per week to Pope’s case.
NMSU compliance officer Braun Cartwright said the firm specializes in all types of legal matters, but has been used for the initial eligibility piece.
All parties involved are still trying to put together a complete file for Pope to re-submit to the NCAA.



Anonymous said...

We are a joke. We have guys waiting for their eligibility status to pan out while we should be focusing on developing the players we started the season with. This just stinks. Even if we get Young and Pope back who's to say they are going to be ready to play? This is just disappointing. It reminds me of the Correspondence Course debacle of the McCarthy era. NMSU, get your head out!

Anonymous said...

I have a question...if these two are having such eligiblity problems - how were they even admitted to NMSU. If their grades/transcripts were not in order in the first place? NCAA minimum admissions standards are a joke, yet these boys still get into NMSU academically? gimme a break, just open the door and let everyone in. We could build a hell of a program that way.

InfamousChuck said...

Ok, so I know I'm guilty of inquiring and bemoaning about both these guys in particular Pope. But let's keep things in perspective. This young man was shot 4 times a few months ago, let's give this kid a chance. There has been a lot of negativity towards him for no apparent reason. Also if you go online, the NY Times, which I consider to be a more than reputable newspaper did an article on Mr. Pope back in June. In the article it states that he graduated HS with a 3.0 gpa. Which to me, seems like it would be good enough for any student, athlete or not to enroll at NMSU. I don't claim to know how the clearinghouse process works, but I hope that both these young men get the opportunity to get on the court soon, and we get to see them produce for the Aggies for the next few years.

InfamousChuck said...

Let's not forget that there is still a possibility for both Pope and Young to redshirt, which wouldn't be that bad considering Pope could join fellow 4 star recruit Troy Gillenwater. Having those two paired up as our post players looks promising for the future, considering we lose Iti, Passos, and Steward this year.

Anonymous said...

What many people do not realize is that the NCAA requires each course to be approved. So a student could take Advanced Placement Physics, earn an A and Ace the national AP exam, and have the course not count if the person at the school or school district failed to have that course approved by the NCAA. Sometimes, the problem is not with the student, but with the system.

Pope 3.0 said...

The problem with LC is that everyone believes what they read and doesn't think for themselves. If Pope had a legit 3.0 he would be playing. The NCAA is just doing their job while everyone else is just trying to point the finger at a process put into place to catch questionable recruiting practices. Pope was a prep star that loved LC so much that he burned the likes of Big State to live in the desert. Please. Other programs knew he wasn't worth the risk and simply went after kids that were elegible. Getting shot was a red flag, but because Reggie said so, we continued down this road. Pope is not a savior, even if he plays this year or next and leads the Aggies to the tournament. The perception is that NMSU is trying to get around the NCAA somehow. A win at all costs attitude has it's price and NMSU's reputation is paying for it. Sad thing is, not many in this town care about that. Just win baby!

Anonymous said...

ok not too dis anyone and grateful for the blog...

but can there be some real reporting on the damn situation. Its great we hear the paperwork is complete... and the file is submitted.. but does anyone know what really the issues are here!?!?! Is it a class that is BS? Is it a test score? Who are historical examples of this? Were they successful? If not has anyone interviewed Pope or Young? Are they going to a junior college if things go sour? Can they be elgible by the spring or do they get ruled inelgible for the whole year?

Like it or not Aggie basketball has the potential to tremendously improve the value of the community, an NMSU degree (past and present), and in many other areas. With these two student athletes we could have realized notoriety and $$$ this school hasn't ever seen the likes of. I challenge our friends at the Sun News to be journalists, dig, research, enlighten, ask the tough questions, get the answers... Its been over a month now I'm going to go back to reading the Round Up sports page.

Anonymous said...

That was a great article on Pope.

Anonymous said...

Response to Pope 3.0:

The problem with LC is people like you! The type that speaks from his posterior. You, sir, are a lummox.

Anonymous said...

Menzies is Joke!

How can you let your team lose a 21 point lead at home!
Reggie would be in the kids face, challenging them. What happened last night would not have happened w/ Reggie.

Marvin Menzo brings 0 intensity to the game.
He received a heck of team and has turned into a laughing stock!

Marvin Menzo should be fired!

Flummox the Lummox said...

You, sir, are no friend of mine.

Your response that my opinion is backwards was funny. Not funny, ha-ha, but funny sad. It is an example of what I said earlier about people not thinking for themselves. I thought this blog was for open discussion. Not name calling. If I wanted to call you out I would, but that would be too easy.

I think Pope is a fine athlete, but I through waiting. This is not how the recruiting process works. You don't sign a player in hopes that his academic situation works itself out. If you are not eligible you should not have a scholarship. Period. Talking about Pope only distracts the team.

I was surprised that NMSU landed him in the first place, but gave Reggie all the credit. Now that the season has started without him I have re-evaluatd my thoughts about how we got him, and if it is just an example of our shifted priorities. There is nothing wrong with losing the right way, but having a reputation of "Transfer U" is another thing entirely.

BIGRON said...

Let me just shake some things up in the Big LC. I am a student at NMSU and I have heard from inside sources that no matter what happens with Herb Pope he is transferring out for sure.

JT said...

Pope 3.0 hit the nail on the head! I say adios Pope and Young! Let's give our scholarships to athletes who can actually play! What a concept! Just another example of how Reggie left us high and dry!