Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grading the team

Some posters began grading the coaching staff on my "Updates" blog (11/6).

OK, lets go through the team. Offensively, you have to give them a B+. When all their pieces were in there, they were as good as advertised. Holbrook would be on pace to eclipse last year's TD throws if he were 100 percent throughout. Williams was great when he was out there. Dubois contributed. Running backs were pretty steady. Team was pretty much as good as advertised on offense and with a full complement of players, they are pretty much there.

Defensively, you'd probably say D-. The team could not stop anyone much of the year. The run defense seemed to improve but last week's game was just ugly. They got gashed. The pass D has been a reacurring problem throughout. Anyone can throw on this team.

Special teams would have to be an F. Jared Kaufman is a pretty steady punter. Field goals have been horribly inconsistent and kickoffs, well, we all know about those. Just horrible. Kickoff coverage has been poor too.

Overall, I would give the team a C- this year. The losses at Boise and Hawaii hurt. If they were somewhat competitive in those games, this grade is higher. They still have self-destructive tendencies that are frustrating. This is open to change as the year goes on.

Someone on the last blog said that a 6 or 7 win season gives them a D. Who's writing these things? That would be a great season considering where the team has been and what they are currently going through. That would mean at least two of three wins to close out the year. Most people would be doing cartwheels with that record. Sometimes you just got to taper your expectations, if someone said the team would finish the season with six or seven wins, you'd probably have shook your head and said "OK. Not the greatest, not the best, but OK." It's not like this program has a lot of positive history attached to it.

Could they finish winning two-of-three? Sure. Although if the only thing the team does well is throw the ball to close things out, which past history indicates will be the case, then they won't. Will they win all three. No. Honestly, no matter what happens, I don't see that happening. And winning on the road this week will be tough, although right now I think they match up pretty well with San Jose. If they lose to Utah State at home, the buzzards will be out. Don't laugh though, look at Utah State, they've been in games this year. That will be harder than a lot of people think.

This is something we will revisit after Fresno St. too on the last week of the season.


Anonymous said...

Come on 6 or 7 wins.. Two of those were against two Division II/Double AA/ or non championship conference teams (what ever they call that division). Now I know that this college football season is unlikely another other when anybody can be anybody, but these teams are a combined 2-14.
Coach Mumme should go!

Teddy said...

You're right. They should have won at least 10 games. That's very realistic.

Anonymous said...

I have to apologize for writing a badly worded post that only shows that I might have graduated from UNM and not NMSU. :*) But I hope you get the picture from my first post in which a team doesn’t automatically get the star of excellence by just winning 6 games. As people have posted previously, I just wish the community and student body get behind the idea that they have a college football team in town. For all the money that has been put into to the coaching staff and facilities you would think we would have results and not just excuses. Oh talking about money, Athletic Department please buy a yard maker for official game purposes, because when you watch the game on ESPN2 and you see on the visitor’s side line with a down maker with tape marked with an
X on it. It looks GHETTO!
anonymous = Chris

Anonymous said...

I'll take 6 or 7 wins any day.

I give the team a C-. This could change at the end of the season.

The problem is that we got smoked vs. the elite WAC teams and are losing to the middle of the pack teams. Barely, but were are still losing to the La Techs, Nevadas and I think, SJSU.

If we beat Utah State and lose to SJSU and Fresno. We will finish in 7th place.
In a 9 team league, we are still considered a bottom feeder and in the same position as last year.

I really hope I'm wrong but, I have very little faith left.


Anonymous said...

Wondering the status of Woody (defensive coordinator). I saw him leave Friday night's game in his car literally within five minutes of the final buzzer. Also know that he just sold his house. Any information?

Anonymous said...

He's getting canned at the end of the season.
I hear Gerela is on the chopping block as well.

A bad season is taking it's toll.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

Anonymous said...

I have stated before that the special teams are the worst for the Aggies, I would give them a F-. But I did not know who the special teams coach was, so I went to the Football web site and found out that was the problem. There is no special teams coach! Now unless his name is classified and you need a special code to find out who it is, I would suggest that an improvement could be made by actually getting a special teams coach quickly. And, at the same time get rid of the kicking coach. It is amazing what you can or can't find out by looking at the horribly maintained NMSU sports web site. And to pick up on a recent trend, Go Gaggies!

Anonymous said...

LOL I feel we have a great chance to win the last three games. If we can beat San Jose State on Saturday, and beat Utah State next weekend we will go into Fresno State for the 7th win at home. We will have 2 weeks to prepare for Fresno State. I'll give the offense a A, because when we are healthy we are unstopable, and I'll give the defense a C+, because I thought we have played good all year except for when we had the injuries. Overall I'll give us a B or B-. If we win 6 or 7 games no one is going to get fired, and I really don't think Woody is gone after this year either, because he hasn't been giving the chance to have the talent he needs, and well next year he will have that.

Anonymous said...

Gerela, the kicking coach, is on the chopping block? It's about time he got canned. He's worthless as the kicking record shows!

Anonymous said...

Teddy and the rest of you guys who give the O good marks must be smoking something wacky. NMSU has the 70th ranked scoring offense. Also NMSU is ranked 108th in turnover margin, which is partially due to 23 turnovers. And that was BEFORE yesterday's debacle in San Jose. I say the O gets a C at best. To be fair to the O, I mostly blame the D for the pathetic turnover margin mark - they only forced 13 turnovers. My marks:
Offense - C
Defense - F
Special Teams - F
-Aggie Glare