Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hey everyone. Some quick updates....

Mumme said Tonny Glynn's injury is a high ankle sprain. The RB will be out for a few weeks, could return later if possible. If the season is done by Fresno, why bring him back? I wouldn't, just pack him in and make sure he's 100 percent by the spring.

Justine Buries starts, which he has always done anyway, and Jeremiah Williams is the backup. Glynn was averaging over 5-yards per carry and he gave the offense a different element - a little jitterbug who could get sideline to sideline. It hurts, no doubt.

On a side note, I was watching Jerome Bettis on some highlight show for the NFL. He said that Bill Cowher used to tell the Steelers that if the team packed its special teams, defense and running game to the stadium, they would win more than they would lose. I just thought that was funny, considering the Aggies have done none of those things very well or consistently this season.


Anonymous said...

T. Glynn's speed will be missed which helped him bounce outside for one or two big gains per game. He wasn't too good running between the tackles. But NMSU has had more solid depth at RB than any other offensive position with T. Glynn the jitterbug, Buries the pounder and J. Williams the slasher. Hopefully we will get to see more of J. Williams, last year's leading rusher, who is quick with good speed and a very versatile RB who is a good receiver out of the backfield and a good rusher between the tackles. There is no need to rush Glynn's recovery of his high ankle sprain and risk more injury. Buries and Williams will be an effective one-two punch.

Anonymous said...

Is it too early to give the team/ staff a fan report card?
Should we wait another few weeks so the team can get (maybe) another W?

Right now, I'm giving them a D but, the semester is still not over.
Hopefully we can give them a C and not an F before December.

Anonymous said...

Factoring in the offensive performance, poor defensive play, poor kicking game and special teams, if the team goes to a bowl game, I'd give the team/staff a C+. If they go 6 and 7 a D; or 5 and 8 a D- and another 4 win season a F and join the chorus and sing: "Fire Mumme"!

Anonymous said...

The so called Aggie fans and the NMSU students deserve an "F" for their support. How do you think any University can field a D-I team with 10,000 fans in the stadium. I played for a D-II school and we drew at least 15,000 per game. I wonder about people who yell fire the coach when there are so many other things that are lacking for this team to be successful--such as devoted fans. Coming out to an attendance like we had at homecoming must be a downer for the players and coaches.

Anonymous said...

Our name should be the Gaggies!
We always choke when the going gets tough.

We need to win three straight to go bowling. It's not gonna happen!
We will play SJSU tough and right at crunch time...gag!

We will either drop a pass, have penalty, the defense will get smoked, miss a FG, kick it out of bounds or give the team GREAT field position during a critical point in the game.

We will be watching and cheering the game on TV, only to see us GAG and the team break our hearts...again!

Go Gaggies!!

Anonymous said...

Gaggies? Hey I like that! I feel sorry for the kids but not Mumme and his staff. I know the players try their hearts out, but you can only do so much when you have inept coaching. Somebody still is talking about a bowl game? You are
kidding Right? Devoted fans don't win football games. Decent coaching and disiplined players win games! Always have always will! Go Gaggies!