Monday, November 12, 2007

Column on football

I wrote one today...Mumme was asked some questions at the press conference about the staff's future. Didn't give much but this is just an overall commentary with his quotes involved....


The Buss said...

In response to Dr. Boston saying that he felt the team has been competitive, I guess now it's time to make a decision.

Do we want a team that can stay under the radar, maybe win a game here and there, and maybe, MAYBE, win 6 games one of these years and squeak into a crappy bowl game?


Do we actually want a competitive football team that can do more than beat UTEP? We're in the WAC Conference, and that means we need a team that can play with the likes of Boise State.

So that's the question that needs to be answered. Now, the big question, is Hal Mumme the answer to either one of them?

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with your commentary.
I've been a season ticket holder for years and really bought into the "Air Raid" frenzy when Mumme got hired.

-Wasn't the 2005 Spring game the biggest in history?

-Didn't NMSU set record sales for season tickets that year?

-Didn't the University increase prices and we accepted it w/o a single complain?

How has Mumme paid us back?
An 8-27 record! 1/2 of thise wins are against DII schools!

We are living in the worst era of Aggie FB.

There's about 12 of us that go to every game and we refuse to purchase next years season tickets, until we see some positive changes to the staff!
I strongly encourage all other season ticket holders to do the same!

We will show up, you need to play and coach with heart. That's the deal.

Aggie 95

Anonymous said...

What's the line on this years GAGGIE BOWL?

One team will be given a false sense of hope. The other, business as usual.

Go Gaggies!!

Anonymous said...

Hal says last year the plane that was to take them to the game had mechanical problems? I heard from a very reputable source that someone from Mummes staff forgot to charter the plane! I kid you not! This would coinside with the way Mumme runs his team, and BS's about everything else that goes wrong with the Gaggies football team! He's just one big barrel of hot air, blowing out a smoke screen to cover his you know what. He needs to be canned now!

Anonymous said...

I remember the team had no plane to the Idaho game last year.
The team had to get a last minute charter. Flew to Moscow, back to LC and, back to Moscow w/ the rest of the team.
Her name is Amber ? and she is no longer w/ the program.

That was last year. This year reminds me of the 0-12 train wreck of 2005.

Let's face it. Mumme doesn't know how to spell DEFENSE.
So, Dr. Boston needs to go out and find a DC and say;
"Coach, here's your Defensive Coordinator. Take it, or leave it."

I think we are ok on the offensive side of the ball.
The defense has been one of the worst in the nation during the Widenhoffer era and needs a major overhaul.

I believe Woody will be gone right after the Fresno St. game.
The new DC will bring in his staff and most of the defensive assts. will lose there jobs.
One guy who needs to stay is coach Fanoga. He's a phenomenal recruiter.

Let's see how the team responds the last two games of a very dissapointing season.


Anonymous said...

Teddy, great column. I think your observations were right-on. This team is flat and unmotivated. There are just as many problems off the field as there are on the field, e.g., poor administration of players' scholarship disbursement checks (some players were late paying their rent because of checks were messed-up again), cutting corners on training tables meals, crappy pre-game motels, and poor logistical planning for away games. And, objective observers know that the hot air has been sucked out of Hal Mumme and his "air raid offense and bombed-out defense." For Dr. Boston to lament about a hand-few of the loses were competitive sounds like something Mumme would say. Dr. Boston must demand more of a three year coach at NMSU. A win is a win and a loss is a loss, period. When there is a morale breakdown among a football team, even the most talented players would win only a hand-few of games. Is that what we want? No! We're tried of excuses and the blame-game for losing games. We are tried of the culture of lossing. Well, that's exactly what we'll get as long as Hal Mumme is the coach. How can NMSU Athletic department justify another season of the increased financial investment on the hopes of Mumme's coaching incompetency and expect reasonable students and citizens of Las Cruces to stay on the bangwagon of this rough ride going no where? Mumme must go, and if he stays, next season will be more of the same!

Anonymous said...

The University has also invested a lot into the FB program.

- Fulton Center
- Refurbished locker room
- Aggie Walkway makes the stadium accesible
- Auditorium
- Jumbotron
- Increased recruiting budget
- The press box will also be upgraded w/ luxury suites next year
- Mumme's salary is highest of any FB coach.
- There's a couple more additions that are still not firmed up.

Dr. Boston needs to look and the investment and determine if the University is getting a return.
I'm sure the answer is, NO!

I'm pretty sure the Aggie big wigs are also getting fed up w/ inconsistent play.

Let's see what December brings. Changes for sure!

Home Grown

AzAggie said...

TWO MORE YEARS??? This is tough even for diehard Aggie alum to take-Lord help us!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Mumme lied in his bleed Crimson interveiw about the plane not getting chartered instead calling it a "mechanical problem with the plane", just shows what he will do to keep the wool covering everyone's eyes. He refuses to take the blame for anything. I can't stand this arrogant D-1 head coach wanna be!
Go Gaggies!

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Mumme this school was killed by the APR, and he hasn't been able to build any depth. You can't make apple pie with out the filing. But there does need to be some hard looks at the D side of the ball. And special teams coaching.

Anonymous said...

Why should we "be fair" with Hal? do you really think if the table was turned he would "be fair" with us? I don't think so! Hal is a double talking blow hard who will stop at nothing to save his own butt! There must be a way that he can be replaced without costing us another season of misery. The time has come to go shopping for a new HC! There must be a way!

Anonymous said...

Hal Mumme will be our coach next season. He is doing a great job recruiting to NMSU, but the APR has killed us. Hal Mumme is a good coach, and he has won at every school he has coached at. Last season we were so good on offense because we had no injuries. Everyone was healthy. I think we need a new DC, and some new coaches, because we do have the talent on defense.

Anonymous said...

The plane this last week was delayed by mechanical problems, then a second plane arrived with a crew that could not fly due to time restrictions. The plane was chartered and the ball was not dropped by Mumme. Amber left to join her husband in LA. Try to discuss the things you know about, you look stupid saying things that aren't true.

Anonymous said...

we had a chance to hire Dick Tomey but our brain trust instead chose Mumme---SO Dick Tomey has beaten us every game. Bad decisions lead to a continuation of the same old crap.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about the plane last year to the Idaho game! Go ahead and just try to tell us it didn't happen coach!

Anonymous said...

I think Mumme will stay but, will have to re-shuffle his defensive staff.
He needs to cut some people or risk having a bad season next year and then, get the axe.

Glen Mason is Minnesota guy that we should keep in mind for next year.

Anon. 12:54
OK, so Amber Thomas did join her hubby in LA but, she still forgot to book the plane to Idaho last year, right?!
The girl was in tears, Mumme was pissed, the FB team sleep walked thru the game, and Dennis Erickson out coached the entire staff single handedly!

C'mon say the truth. You look stupid when you lie!

Home Grown

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:05--I couldn't agree with you more.Anon. 12:54--Put up or shut up and admit Mumme screwed up. This is the way he runs his whole program. Everything is a disaster and he tries to make you think that he's got it all under control. Get a gri p! Your one of those guys that still thinks that we have a chance to get a bowl game. Well maybe we will make the Gaggie bowl! Even I'll go if they give away free turkeys!! Gobble, Gobble

Anonymous said...

I heard that Woody sold his house. Planning a quick getaway?

Anonymous said...

I'll put up instead of shutting up. Amber did not screw up the plane last year to Idaho. If it was not scheduled according you with your tremendous insight to the matter, it wasn't her. I believe it was the charter company's mistake but that may just be spin doctoring but it wasn't Amber. She was the most detail oriented person in that department. I do have a "little" insight in that deal, but obviously not as much as you so I guess you're right.

Woody and some of the defensive staff may be gone after the season but you are stuck with Mumme for at least one more season. Get used to it, you may not like it, but it is gong to stay that way for at least 1 more year.
I am pretty sure the bowl game is out of the ? for this year. I even thought it was a stretch for this season but.................

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:11 I never said anything about Amber. I said someone on Mumme's staff! A "little spin doctoring"? A lie is a lie no matter how you spin it. Just admit it, Mumme got caught in one trying to save his butt. I never would of brought it up until he spouted his big mouth out about it in Teddy's interview.Quit trying to defend the indefensible!!

Anonymous said...

Get the right name. Herb Taylor schedules the charter plane.