Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bubba Walther

When I spoke with Ohio head basketball coach Tim O'Shea the other day, he said something interesting and I wanted to see what you all thought.

We were talking about Ohio senior guard Bubba Walther, who scored 25 here last year and hit six 3s from all over the court. O'Shea said he compares him to Utah State's Jaycee Carroll. Fair? Close? Out of left field?

I've only seen Carroll a couple of times, once in person and I saw Walther on television last year. I believe Carroll to be the better all around player for his rebounding, considering he's giving up three or four inches to Walther.



Anonymous said...

Bubba Wather can shoot and will give us headaches!

Carrol does more than shoot. The entire offense revolves around him. He can rebound play some D and doesn't get tired.

Walther is very, very good in his spots but, is no Jaycee Carrol.

The Buss said...

I agree with anon, Carroll was extremely impressive everytime I saw him play last year. Wather did tear it up when Ohio was here last year, but Carroll's game is better all around, he's the best player in the WAC (and was last year too).

Tractor Traylor said...

I saw both play and think Walther can shoot when wide open, but if you're a shooter on a D1 team that is your job. Carroll is more of an all-out scorer. Theus tried to down-play Carroll skills when they played here last year only to see Carroll have the ball with the game on the line. I think if the fortunate turnover (dribbled off foot) at the end of the game to secure the game for the Aggies doesn't happen we are hating Carrol right now. I think he can play in the NBA, and and can beat you in a lot of different ways.

Justin said...

I love Carroll, but I don't think he's actually hit a game winner. I think I remember a USU fan telling me that last year at the tourney.

That said, Walther is a pure shooter, and may even have more range than Jaycee (out to 35 feet, if last years BracketBuster is any indication), but I haven't seen evidence that Walther can work screens, pull up from 15, rebound, or play defense on the level Jaycee does. Walther is a better ball handler, IMO.

Anonymous said...

No comparision. Jaycee is much better and will get a close look to play in the NBA. Walther won't get a sniff - believe I read where his game in the PAC last year was substantially better than his season stats. Jaycee consistently brings it and hussles his tail off on D and the boards.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

bubbas my cousin! he's amazing (: i love him