Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh my gosh

This weekend's performance at San Jose for the football team was awful. I honestly thought that Mumme was safe for at least another season. But now, I have to say that he should be feeling serious pressure.

Do I think NMSU will get rid of him? I still don't, mainly because he has two years left on his deal. But the team played sooooo bad! I've been to every game, minus the Hawaii trip. That was the worst performance of the year. Yes, worse than Boise. The team was horribly flat and once they were stopped on offense, they just stopped period.

Again, the defense made San Jose look way too good. And the offense put the defense in some horrible spots. Talent-wise, the Aggies are not that far away from the Spartans, especially when San Jose has suffered some serious injuries of its own. But, it looked like they played with a lack of passion, enthusiasm and heart. In a game that meant so much. Not a good week in the coaches office.

Can the Aggies actually lose to Utah State? I honestly would not be surprised. Regardless of how many fans go to this weekend's game, the team better take USU seriously. If not, the embarrassment will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

No team scored 50 points on us last year.
Auburn (55), Boise (58), Hawaii (50) and San Jose (51) have just lit us up this year!

Say what you want, that Widenhoffer doesn't have the right people, or the secondary is young, or Blah, blah, blah!
The point is, the defense is worst than the 0-12 campqaign and getting worse by the minute.

Utah St. is a bad team that has yet to win a game.
If NMSU continues to play like they are, the UtAgs will get their first "W" this weekend.
The bad thing is that all the WAC Volleyball fans/ WAC Play up Tour will watch us get pounded by the Northern Aggies!

The Truth

Anonymous said...

The Saturday online sports in the Sun-News made NO mention that there was even an Aggie game being played-the big headline being the Mayfield-Las Cruces game.It just goes to show that local sports fans aren't stupid-they know who the winners are-winners don't let their fan base down over & over.And,NO ROAD WINS in 3 seasons?Oh,yes this coach should be in HEAP BIG trouble.The University has ALWAYS hated the fact that a HIGH SCHOOL game outdraws their home attendance.How about this-for the ESPN game,play it at the Field of Dreams Stadium so that it at LEAST looks like a full house,and let the high school game be played at NMSU

Anonymous said...

Seems like the team and coaches have quit on us.
They complain that not enough people show up to the games but, how can you get excited about an 8-27 record!?

This team has no heart. They've packed it in and so have many of the Aggie faithfull.

Lou Sisbaro can use these "used car salesmen."
This team has promised a lot and delivered on nothing!
1). Sweep our rivals, 2). Win the WAC, and 3). Go to a bowl.
Yeah right!

Used car salesmen at best!

SM said...

I just do not understand how long we are supposed to put up with embarrassing football. This is not a winning program, everybody knows that. However, this is not a program this is supposed to get embarrassed by teams like SJSU. I did not see the game, but I read the box score and the story, and it looks like we just got cremated again.

If you have been an Aggie fan since before Mumme's arrival, you have to be unbelievably upset about what has happened. I went to NMSU in the Samuel years. Lord knows we had some ugly losses over the years. But amidst those losses, I never witnessed a team play this awful.

Us Aggie fans were willing to excuse Mumme for his 0-12 first year. In hindsight, maybe we should not have given him such a pass. That team was not completely devoid of talent. We had Jimmy Cottrel, Nick Cole, Matt Griebal, and Paul Dombrowski, who was a true warrior on the field. Plus, we had a rising star in freshman CW who displayed flashes of greatness, especially on special teams. Still, we could not muster one win, and most of our losses were ugly.

Moving on to 2006, we were willing to give Mumme's team a pass on an awful season. Luckily for Mumme, the Aggies pulled off two wins at the end of the season from awful teams. Those wins somewhat mitigated the abundance of losses suffered. Perhaps more importantly, by staying competitve against Boise State the entire game and giving Hawaii a good shot until the final quarter, the Aggies actually looked like they were improving.

Enter 2007, with the talk of a bowl game and ESPN commentators saying watch out for the Aggies as a sleeper in the WAC. First game out of the gate, we look real bad against SLa. "Oh well," says the Aggie faithful, "first game gitters." Next we put up a decent effort against UNM, but squander our chances in the final frame. We beat UTEP and all the sudden Aggie Nation starts to believe in their team. Then, after the first half at Auburn, it's back to the same old bad Aggies, except now, it is worse than ever.

I'm not certain this team is better than 2005. Remember, in 2005 we lost a heartbreaker to SJSU, but had to sit 3 O-linemen for getting into a fight (I think). Now, we can't even put up a fight against a real bad and beat up SJSU. For those who want to attack my negativity, tell me where I am wrong. Tell me why I should invest my blood, sweat and tears in a team that doesn't play with pride.

As Aggie fans, we should always root for our teams, that is our end of the deal. As coaches and players, Mumme and his team should show improvement each year and a commitment to success. Have they lived up to their side of the deal? If not, why should we sit idly by and not complain about the status quo?

Anonymous said...

Does Mumme have 1 or 2 years left in his contract?

Whatever the case, changes must be made. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Woody ball is not cutting the mustard and Mumme knows it!
Dr. Boston needs to hire a young, brash defensive mind that, is full of piss and vinegar, eats wood chips and craps out a giant Sequoia!!
The game has passed Widenhoffer and he is past his prime. If you need Metamucil just to take a dump? You are too old!

We need a Defensive guy that is not afraid to call out opponents and make his team play better.

Dr. Boston, and not Mumme. Needs to find a D Coord.
He played Defense in college and the pros and has an eye for talent.

Bo Pelini comes to mind.

Home Grown Grass

The Buss said...

I'm just sick of hearing about how hard the team tries, and how they have a lot of guts to keep going out there in the face of adversi... blah blah blah. It's competitive D-I football, it's about winning, anything less just isn't good enough, so let's stop trying to paint over the real issue here, that this is not, and never was, a good football team.

To blindly assume that we 'owe' something to our Aggies, and need to show our support by going out there and watching them embarass themselves, just doesn't make sense anymore. As fans, we need to cheer on our team, but they need to at least return the favor and be competitive. Right now, they're an absolute embarassment, people are going out there not to watch their team win, just to show up because they owe it to the university. Mumme has shown nothing apart from the fact that he's not even a mediocre coach, he's just plain bad.

College football is about more than just throwing the ball, of course, the team stopped doing that too, so the wheels have completely come off now.

Anonymous said...

I still think the only way Mumme is not our HC next year is if he chooses to go elsewhere - be an O coordinator for someone who wants to implement a spread, pass-first offense. And I seriously doubt he has people knocking on his door, unless his buddy Mike Leach creates a spot for him. With two years left on his contract, I seriously doubt we have the kind of jack it takes to make a change. A new D coordinator and special teams coach should be a no-brainer. At least, I sure hope so. And "Home Grown Grass" must be smoking some, Bo Pelini?? Are you freakin kidding me?? Mix in a dose of reality. Bo Pelini likely will be coaching in the national championship game and is in line to be a HC at a BCS school next year.

I still love my Aggies and will watch the Fresno State game on TV. And I do think they will beat Utah State, because the Utags are awful. If Dr. Boston was disappointed with the Nevada crowd, wait till he sees the turnout for our last two meaningless games!! Despite the 0-2 start in b-ball, I'm still glad its here. We have time to fix things, and God knows there's plenty there that needs fixing. Guess we'll find out if Menzies can coach.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder the gimmick for the utags is two tickets and a turkey for $30. The turkey is the only way to get people to go to the game. The real turkey is the guy with the towel on his shoulder and a headset.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to get the money that they were going to give Theus back so that they can buy out Mumme. I'm not here to praise Tony Samuel, but we got rid of him after a 5 win season, all of which came against D1 competition. Granted it was the Sun Belt, but those 5 wins were against legitimate teams. Had that 2004 team played S.E. LA and Ark. Pine Bluff instead of Arkansas and Cal they would have had 7 wins.