Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Boston speaks about attendance

Spoke to Boston about the crowd at Friday night's game. He spoke about that and we also briefly touched on Mumme and the coaching staff. Here's the article


Mercury said...

NMSU students today don't realize how good they have it. Games are free, so there is really no excuse. Maybe some more information on how much money a bowl game is worth to NMSU would change some minds. LC has been playing second fiddle to Albuquerque for a long time, and since our HS football teams have been beating those schools up north everyone feels a couple of inches taller around here. But at the end of the football season the real winner is Albuquerque because of their UNM fan support, and the money generated by hosting a bowl game. We have to focus on our city's college football program, because without it this city quickly becomes an also-ran. College campuses across the country have big-time high school rivalries that coincide with college football games, but you would be hard pressed to find a city our size that supports high school football more than their college program. Our city is harboring a "culture of losing" and you need support to overcome a lose-lose situation.

Anonymous said...

I was very dissapointed w/ the student body.
Hardly any students at the game and on national TV!

The past thre years have gotten NMSU a lot of TV exposure.
When I went to school in the mid 90's. We never had ANY TV exposure.
If we had the exposure like we have now, we would be a bunch of hams!

The team is losing but is very competitive plus, you have a chance to be on national TV and have a great time! What gives?

The team has been dissapointing but, the student body is far worse.
Let's see if they redeem themselves vs. Fresno St.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumors that, Widenhoffer has sold his house and is getting canned at the end of the season?
I'm not surprised but, would like to hear it from a concrete source.

The bad thing is that coaches like Carlton Buckels and Bobby Wilcox might join him.
Although the secondary has taken it's shots. Woods, House and Butler are gonna be real good players and will be better next year.

Wilcox is just to green.
The one we can't lose is Fanoga. He's done a real good job w/ the line and a great recruiter.

Let's see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

An op-ed was in todays (11/8) Round-Up. Sounds like the students that do attend are a bunch of drunk idiots.

Anonymous said...

Reports are circulating that, Baylor Coach, Guy Morris will be let go.
Morris was Mumme's O-line guy from Kentucky.

With the rumors of Widenhoffer leaving after the season. I wonder if Morris fits into Mumme's plans?

This is just speculation but, I'm curious to see who will be our next Defensive Coordinator.

We shall see what changes the month of December brings.

The Truth

Anonymous said...

I was just as sad as everyone else about the turn out for the last home game. That said, I don't think all the blame can go to the students. You don't blame people who buy cars when sales at GM are in the tank. I think it is up to the athletics department to do a better job marketing their product to the students. I'm on campus on a daily basis and if I didn't go out of my way to find out the game was Friday night, I would have never known. There are no signs. There are no pep rallies. Schools who have people show up to their games make a huge deal out of it. There was no attempt to get the word out about the game. It was pathetic. If you think you have a good team, don't be afraid to tell the world about it.

Anonymous said...

As Teddy said in his article, competitive and exciting is nice, but "W"s are all that is remembered. Unfortunately, NMSU does not have many. Win and they will come. And SE Louisiana and Arkansas PB don't count. If the students are thinking like me, we only have two legitimate wins and its already November. That just won't do it if you want to increase fans in the seats. LC is simply not big enough to have a substantial number of alumni living in the area, which also hurts.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Boston complained about attendance. He hasn't seen nothing.

Our friends and family will be there but, I'm sure we will have less than 10k, for the next two games.

I'm amazed how poorly the team played. They made a so, so, SJSU team look like a jaugernaut!
Utah state will put 40 points on us!


Anonymous said...

All good points. With Utah State and NMSU coming this weekend, we need to publicize something. It is going to be the only bowl that either team will get. So, lets publicize it tongue in cheek and try to get a lot of people out. Teams like Stanford when they are bad are not afraid to do that. Are we afraid to publicize the first "Gaggie Bowl"? It might get more students in than you realize.

Anonymous said...

Gaggies Bowl? Hey I'll go!