Monday, September 14, 2009

The UTEP Miners

With the Aggies sitting at 1-1 on the season, we look at the team's next opponent, the UTEP Miners.

UTEP has lost two games early in the season in which the team really didn't look very good - hosting both Buffalo and Kansas. This is part of the reason the Miners concern me going into this game.

I think UTEP has talent, particularly on the offensive side of the ball - a strong and mobile quarterback and good receivers should make their pass game a handful to deal with. They have also clearly played better competition than the Aggies thus far. How will they play against NMSU?

There's another way to look at things as well. Would you rather face a team coming off a poor performance or coming off a good one? The Miners will come in focused and desperate for a win. On the flip side of the coin, one would hope a rivalry such as this would provide plenty of motivation for either team, regardless of record or standing.


Will said...

Teddy Feinberg,
Do you even watch college football beyond New Mexico? How do you explain ranking Oklahoma State #12 and not even ranking Houston after the Houston Cougars beat Oklahoma State 45-35 in Stillwater, Oklahoma and lead for most of the game.


Anonymous said...

On paper utep is the better team and should beat us handily.
However, I've been around this rivalry for a long time to know that the most talented team, doesn't always win.

We all al want to see a major improvements and hope the Aggies are up for it.
If they come out flat, it can get ugly, really quick!

Anonymous said...

This year,the Miners have what the Aggies don't-a seasoned quarterback,a working offense already in place,and incentive-Coach Price has his job on the line this season.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the losses, the Miners THINK they are better than the Aggies and expect to win. The Miners DO NOT respect the Aggies, even after losing two times in a row.

The Aggies need to make a statement as the underdog. They need to hit quickly and hard. If they can get the Miners on their heels, then the two losses the Miners already have will cause them to lose faith.

The game is winnable for the Aggies.

Anonymous said...

This game is mentioned in the Forde Yard Dash article on ESPN as one of the weekends grudge matches.

Anonymous said...

We are disrespected big time in EP. Just look at the news, they only mention last years victory not the 2 games we've won. However everything goes out the window the next two weeks. Anything can change just look at last year and vittatoe getting hurt and the whole game plan changed.

Anonymous said...

Utep feels the last two loses against theAggies was a fluke.

A win would do wonders for Coach Walker and the team.

Let's Roll!!