Friday, September 18, 2009

Ticket sales

NMSU would not give an exact total on how many tickets have been sold for the Aggie-UTEP game this weekend although there was this interesting tidbit.

Associated AD Steve Macy said that typically 7,000-12,000 UTEP fans purchase tickets to the game when its held at Aggie Memorial Stadium. As of Friday morning, by Ticketmaster's count, those numbers are lower.

“UTEP fans are not buying tickets,” Macy said. “Less than 500 have been bought. That's on Ticketmaster counts.”

Those numbers alone would indicate that this season will see a substantial drop in ticket sales for the game.

“Anytime I don't have a sellout I'm concerned,” Macy said. “Regardless of who we play.”


Anonymous said...

Usually for UTEP, there seem to be aabout as many Miner fans as Aggie fans.

This is a chance for the Aggie fans to make a statement and come out to outnumber, out yell, and out support the miners fans. Let's go for a couple of big wins - on the field and in the stands.

Anonymous said...

Wow no wonder there are so many orange clad fans at AMS. 12,000 tickets is a lot. How many does utep send us when the game is in EP? Or how many seats will we get next week when we go to Abq?

Hopefully we get a good turnout from the Aggie faithful.

Also I've read the eptimes and they are complaining about ticket prices. Plus games at utep historically have bad turnouts when there is a big fight on the same weekend. Saturday night is the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight plus another ufc fight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd agree that $20 is a little high for a GA ticket. I was able to get a ticket to the Aggie/Lobo game for $15. Bringing a family of 4 to the game for the GA tickets, plus buying food and drinks can be costly and some may not see it as worth it this year.