Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Notes: Todd Lee; The quarterbacks

Wide receiver Todd Lee sat out of practice on Thursday with an injured shoulder.

Coach DeWayne Walker said that Lee would be a gametime decision.

Lee has been the Aggies' most consistent receiver this season and if he doesn't play, it will not help against the Lobos.

One thing this could do is open the door for Darrius Preston to get onto the field. I thought highly of Preston during training camp but he has tailed off.

"He started hot but has simmered down," Walker said. "He's a young player who is still growing."

Preston is a redshirt freshman. He has the talent and it was apparent in August.

I also spoke with Walker about Marcus Allen, who had a big first game and has since disappeared. And I mean it. Allen made all of his plays (five catches, 82 yards) in the first game of the season. He's made zero receptions since.

"We gotta get the ball to him," Walker said. "If the passing game struggles, he'll struggle."

Allen has to step up this weekend.

Trevor Walls: I spoke with Trevor about how the quarterback competition was going.

He said that he's been splitting all the first-team snaps with Jeff Fleming so far in practice, although he added that's not unusual during a regular week of practice.

"It would mean a lot," Walls said when asked about playing. "It's about the team first. We're getting an equal opportunity and the best man will get his shot."

Timm Rosenbach: Rosenbach, NMSU's offensive coordinator, will move from the upstairs booth this Saturday, where he has been stationed all season long during games, down to the field.

Walker said Rosenbach wants to be in closer communication with the Aggie quarterbacks and believes being on the sideline will help.

Jason Lenzmeier: Lenzmeier was a very good lineman for the Lobos and eventually coached with them under Rocky Long. Long left the program and, boom, Lenzmeier was gone too.

He was the only coach on the current Aggie staff that came to NMSU without any connections. A straight interview and he got the job.

Being a former Lobo, we talked about the rivalry.

TF: What do you think about the game coming up?
JL: We play at Saturday, 8 o'clock.

TF: Do you have any extra feeling or emotion going into the game?
JL: It's just another game for me. It's a rivalry game between New Mexico State and New Mexico.

TF: Will it be strange dressing in the visitor's locker room or warming up on the visitor's side?
JL: No. I've done it before during a spring scrimmage. I just gotta coach and my guys' got to compete."

This guy isn't giving me anything. I asked him about how he felt the line has played this year.

"The guys have been playing hard. That's what I ask for. Go in and play hard and tough. We've had some injuries, we've had to shuffle some guys around a little bit."

And on the loss of right tackle David Norman, who's sidelined for a handful of weeks with an injured knee.

"You don't make up the leadership that Norman brings to the field," Lenzmeier said. "(Joe) Suder came in and played well. He played hard."

The offensive line has committed some penalties that have hurt the team here and there, but a line is going to hold every once in a while. It's been the timeliness of the penalties that have hurt more than anything else.

I think overall the group has played pretty well and will continue to get better. Lenzmeier has coached them up.


Anonymous said...

How about a thread in which fans make predictions about the upcoming game?

For starters, I think the Aggies ahv about a one in three chance of winning on Saturday. Lobos are definitely the favorite, but the Aggies ahve a reall chance to put things together.

Chile Duck said...

Donyae Coleman is a new receiver who may see some playing time. Another receiver who may get some snaps if Lee is unable to go is William Bullock who really has moved up the depth chart.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Walls starting against the Lobos. I'm hoping he is one of these players who respond when the coaches show confidence in them and plays better as a result.

Anonymous said...

I can't blame Coach Lenzmeir and other Coaches at NMSU for not being receptive towards you.

Some of the criticism and crap that you've written over the past couple of years, makes you a marked man.
I'm surprised he didn't clock you or have someone hit you in the face with a football.
Then again, If Fleming is throwing the ball, it means you probably won't get hit! Lol!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jefe about the coaches not opening up to you Teddy. I know you mean well in your writing Teddy..but you assume a lot of things and make comments about NM State not having any quality teams over the last 50 years when you really don't know and you don't appear to care to do the research and know NM State history better.

I'm the one that made the comment about you acting like an "expert" and I made that comment intentionally proving the point that you really should be an "expert" on NM State by now. You're paid to be a writer for the Sun-News and I personally feel like it's your job.

Your articles always have this "me" factor and I don't understand this style of writing...maybe it's something new with younger writers? Sometimes people just want the facts and maybe a description or two about games, but they don't always want to know what you think on a personal level. Every article you write shouldn't be an editorial opinion with your personal feelings.

I like Jason Groves' style of writing because it reminds me of what real sportswriters used to write like. Jason does sneak his opinion in there, but he does it without jeopardizing the integrity of the real focus of the story.

Teddy said...

You are correct Chile Duck. Walker mentioned Coleman as a player who will see increased playing time.

Anonymous said...

Clueless...not Teddy, just the armchair journalists.

Anonymous said...

NMSU vs. UNM prediction:

Game ends in a tie with both teams scoring -10 points.

Aggies007 said...

Prediction: UNM 28, NMSU 6 on two field goals. UNM is bad, but so is Idaho and UTEP and they slaughtered our defense for points. This will be the game where UNM regains its confidence, especially with a team like the Aggies, who have two knucklehead QBs and a defense that can't stop Mayfield High's offense.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Aggies007, very realistic statement. I wish the Aggies were better but we are seeing an all-time low.

Walker was the one saying that he was planning on winning from the beginning and all he kept doing was saying how much talent and potential the team has. Just like Teddy wants everyone on here to stand by their words and be accountable for what they should Walker...he's the one getting paid and the one that gave everyone false hope by opening his mouth without knowing what he's got.

Rosenbach was a little more honest about the true status of the development of Fleming and Walls.

The purpose of a blog like this is for everyone to give their different points of view and not have to publish their names and social security I think it's very unprofessional of Teddy to insinuate or ask that people should give their names just because people don't agree with his opinion (and major lack of knowledge).

I'm glad everyone is speaking up and the boring people that think this is "Leave it to Beaver" just have to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to say nice or positive things on here.

Las Cruces is not a rich town and people spend their hard earned money to support NM State athletes and coaches...who have it a lot better than the average Las Crucen. I don't see a problem with holding those coaches, players and sportswriters accountable and letting "armchair" journalists/fans speak their minds.