Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few things

First off, coach DeWayne Walker said tonight that running back Seth Smith will likely get more touches in the offense this week.

Smith ran fairly well in the fourth quarter last week and seems to have earned more playing time.

Also, Walker said that tackle Vincent Federico has been battling through headaches stemming from a concussion. Federico's status for Prairie View remains up in the air.

For those wondering about tackle Branden Warner, his right foot/ankle was in a protective boot at practice earlier in the week. If Federico can't go, NMSU seems to be very low on bodies at defensive tackle.


Anonymous said...

That Warner kid sure is hurt a lot.
Too bad, I hear a lot of good things about him but, can't see it when he's on the sidelines.

Hopefully, Seth Smith can get the running game going...PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see how this year's staff, keeps the players focused by playing a 1AA team and looking to Utep.

You all may recall that Dumme and his staff did not do a good job of ever getting the team to focus.
I'm sure you all remember the near debacle vs. Arkansas PB when we won it on a last minute FG, right?

Anonymous said...

"Eight Days A Week": Even if new coach DeWayne Walker worked the Aggies eight days a week, that might not be enough to get them out of the Bottom 10 in '09.

From, the Aggies are now number 3 in the bottom

Like I said, the Aggies are horrible, period.

Yours truly,

Ex-Aggie Football Fan

Anonymous said...

I think RB will be fine. I hope we come out and set the tone early so we can get a bunch of bodies in the game and not risk injury to some of the key guys.

Anonymous said...

I see ex-Aggie is back.

This guy is just mad that he flunked out of NMSU so, he moved to Austin and is now waiting tables at Pepes Tex Mex stand. Although he's never watched a UT game in person, he thinks he's a Longhorn because he serves UT season holders on game day.

What a pathetic loser yet, he's a real fan in his little mind.

Anyways, NMSU gets their first win and out of the Bottom 10.