Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Depth charts; notes from the press conference

Here are the depth charts released b New Mexico State and the University of Idaho. Starters are the players listed next to the position, backups are directly below starters.

New Mexico State Aggies depth chart
QB: 9 Jeff Fleming
11 Trevor Walls
RB: 3 Marquell Colston
23 Tonny Glynn
FB: 21 Ronald Opetaia
38 Brandon Perez
X: 7 Todd Lee
83 Barry Huntley
F: 10 Marcus Anderson
32 Marcus Allen
Y: 17 Kyle Nelson
89 Kyle Hipp
LT: 75 Dwayne Barton
78 Kyle Smith
LG: 67 Joe Palmer
73 Patrick Blount
C: 62 Mike Grady
61 JR Saultietis
RG: 72 Seioli Fakalata
63 Mike Yocius
RT: 59 David Norman
74 Joe Suder

LE: 94 Kawika Shook
48 Pierre Fils
RE: 52 Donte Savage
37 Justin Adolpho
RT: 90 E.J. Cannon
69 Matt Collins
LT: 54 John Finau
92 Vincent Federico
Sam: 51Ross Conner
11 Jamar Cotton
Mike: 9 Jason Scott
47 Boyblue Aoelua
Will: 56 Sam King
36 BJ Adolpho
LC: 4 Davon House
14 Lorenzo Caldwell
RC: 1 Jonte Green
8 Chris Buckner
SS: 2 Alphonso Powell
15 Junior Fasavalu
FS: 19 Stephon Hatchett
40 Mike Zant

Special Teams
K: 46 Jordan Davenport
98 Zach Diaz
P: 96 Kyle Hughes
43 Mike Diaz

Idaho Vandals depth chart
QB: 10 Nathan Enderle
14 Brian Reader
RB: 3 Deonte Jackson
20 Princeton McCarty
Y: 89 Peter Bjorvik
81 Taylor Elmo
X: 1 Eric Greenwood
2 Maurice Shaw
H: 84 Kevin Small
88 Daniel Hardy
Z: 7 Preston Davis
24 Justin Veltung
LT: 70 Matt Cleveland
63 Ronald Mallory
LG: 77 Mike Lupati
66 Kurt Newboles
C: 69 Irvin Stevens III
71 Clell Hasenbank
RG: 62 Adam Juratovac
61 Tevita Halaholo
RT: 79 Bryce Sinclair
67 Tyrone Novikoff

Rush: 55 Andre Ferguson
58 Benson Mayowa
Nose: 99 Jonah Sataraka
44 Faleaoga Faumui
Tackle: 93 Michael Cosgrove
43 Fonomanu Sakona
End: 95 Aaron Lavarias
96 Charles Smith Jr.
SLB: 34 JoJo Dickson
33 Conrad Scheidt
MLB: 42 Paul Sanescall
51 Tre’Shawn Robinson
WLB: 1 Robert Siavii
18 Korey Toomer
CB: 27 Isaac Butts
4 Eric Hunter
CB: 2 Kenneth Patten
3 Gary Walker
SS: 6 Jeromy Jones
12 Quin Ashley
FS: 10 Shiloh Keo
26 Brandon Artz

Special Teams
K: 21 Trey Farquhar
Punter: 13Bobby Cowan
Punt return: 10Shiloh Kep
Kickoff return: 8 Kama Bailey
20 Princeton McCarty

Not too many surprises from an Aggie standpoint. DeWayne Walker said that Kyle Nelson would be in the lineup and he is. Brandon Perez is backing up Otetaia. Perez was banged up in August with an injured ankle.

Kyle Smith was also not in the lineup a whole lot in August because of asthma. I'm not surprised about Barton getting the start there, nor am I surprised about Norman getting the nod at right tackle. Norman had a great camp and is a team leader.

The top-four tackles are like Walker said during yesterday's WAC conference call. Branden Warner is also expected to be in the mix, but expect a heavy dosage of Cannon, Finau and Vincent Federico.

Jason Scott's listed as the team's starting middle linebacker with Conner starting at strongside. During the second-half of fall camp I noticed Scott playing more in the middle, but I am still surprised by the move.

Jonte Green gets the nod over Chris Buckner at the No. 2 cornerback position.

Nice to see Kyle Hughes getting the nod as the team's punter. Kyle's got a nice leg and can be used as a weapon here.

Tuesday's press conference

I asked Walker about Idaho's running backs — Deonte Jackson, Princeton McCarty and De'Maundrey Woolridge.

“I know we’ll have to do a good job with their cutback runs, they’re nifty, I know they got a new back (Woolridge), he’s a big bruiser,” Walker said. “I think we’ll have our hands full.”

It's going to be interesting to see both teams' running games on Saturday, which figure to be featured prominently. The Aggies will trot our Marquell Colston and Tonny Glynn, who certainly aren't slouches either. The depth and versatility here is a strength for both clubs.


Who's excited to see the Aggie defense take the field? I know I am.

This group has been rebuilt under the new coaching staff, but will get a real test once the games start. How much can you learn by playing your teammates during August practices?

“We’ll never really know until we play a game,” Walker said of his defensive unit. “The biggest thing has been trying to change the culture, move guys in the right spots. Where we are right now, I think we’ve come a long way. We’ll find out on Saturday exactly where we are.”


Walker on changing the Aggies' losing culture:

“I think (the players are) in the right state of mind. Our coaches have tutored these guys in trying to change that losing mindset, those losing ways. Coach (Dale) Lindsey, the veteran of the staff, he said it perfectly. He said we just got to worry about us. Our players need to worry about executing. From special teams to offense to defense. If we take care of our business, we’ll be OK.”


Offensive center Mike Grady was at Tuesday's presser. He was asked about the adjusting from primarily a passing offense to one which will feature the run more in 2009.

“It's a big transition as far as our offensive line was concerned,” Grady said. “Last year, we threw the ball and this year we are definitely going to be more balanced. It's been a change, but we're fitting in together.”


Ross Conner on Idaho guard Mike Iupati, who is one of the WAC's finest.

“He seems impressive,” Conner said. “He’s got a big body, he’s strong. He has all the makings of a good NFL prospect.”


Just a thought: This game is going to come down to which team can protect the ball.

Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle has a habit of throwing picks and it would help if the Aggies generate some pressure in his face. If he throws a couple interceptions and NMSU can capitalize on good field position, it will change the course of the game.

As for Fleming, we really don't know what to expect. This is his first Division-I start. He needs to play smart and not give the ball away.

I do think more points are going to be scored in this game than people think. For whatever reason, I do think some big plays will occur in the passing game. And I also think one of the QBs will turn it over a time or two. It could be all the difference.


Anonymous said...

Don't care about the points as long as the Aggies win.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, did William Bullock ever get cleared?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about Hughes too. His punts seem to have an odd spin to them which makes the player fielding the punt miss. I remember a lot of punt fumbles last year...hopefully that will continue. Go Aggies!!