Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello all. Hope all is well.

Gameday today, Aggies vs. Vandals. What's going to happen? I think it could be very tough for the Aggies if Marcus Anderson does not go. He's the team's top playmaker on offense and Jeff Fleming will look for him. So, I think it's important that Marcus is playing at close to 100 percent.

As for the game itself, here's what will happen. The Aggies will run the ball well and if Marcus plays a big role, should be adequate in the passing game. This should net them at least 20 points on the evening. If NMSU scores over 21, I think they win this game.

I also think that the Aggies need to force some turnovers from Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle. Pressure him and force him into some mistakes. This is possible, as Enderle is error prone, throwing 17 picks last year. He can also throw the ball downfield and I expect that Vandals to score at least two TDs, most likely three. I do think with a healthy Anderson, NMSU scores close to 30.

Without Anderson? NMSU will be hard pressed to move the ball and will be without a big-play presence on the outside.

With Anderson, NMSU wins 31-21. Without Anderson, or an Anderson who isn't effective, I think the team will lose 21-14. I think he's that important.

Week 1, feel the energy!


Anonymous said...

I think the Aggies win 28 - 17 regardless.

Anonymous said...

I think Marcus Allen will surprise a lot of people. He is a playmaker. Just watch, and you will see.

Anonymous said...

21-0 to Idaho at half-time?! Oh man, it just gets worse every season.