Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's press conference

Some quotes from the presser

DeWayne Walker, NMSU head coach
On game against Idaho last weekend
Obviously disappointed. First year head coach, new staff, new players, new scheme, we thought this was a winnable game for us. I know in the first half we struggled and we looked like a rookie team. We went in at halftime, made some adjustments and played a far better second half. We shut them out defensively which is my style of defense, offensively we moved the ball up and down the field, unfortunately, we just couldn't get into the endzone. But going back and watching the tape, I saw a football team. We've got to go back out this week, get us a W and just keep moving forward.

On if inexperience played a factor in the team's loss to Idaho
You don't really want to use that as an excuse because we do have some experienced players that have played. I think it's more just new schemes and new coaches trying the transition this football team. It's something where we have to go back, look at the mistakes and make the corrections this week in practice.

On his take on this weekend's game
We gotta win. I'll just leave it at that. We can't take anyone lightly. I know I made a joke saying that we can't even take a high school team lightly. That's just where we are right now. We can win some games, we just gotta get on track.

On Prairie View's defense
It's fun watching them. They fly around, they tackle, i think they do a good job schematically, they're pretty athletic. I think there's some pieces of their defense we can take advantage of but they're going to come and challenge us knowing we have a first-year quarterback. I'm sure they'll try to take advantage of that a little bit.

On his feeling in second half when team began turning it around
Defensively, thank God, this is the style of defense we need to play. Where have you been? Offensively, it was good seeing our offense move up and down the field. Coach Rosenbach did a great job at Washington State, I just think he's probably disappointed we couldn't score more points but we were still able to move the ball up and down the field. I think that's who we are. If we can stop people from scoring and we can score some points, that's the type of team we can have this year. I'm very positive, I was disappointed for the community, for our university, for our players, but it's still a process. We'll build off this first game and we'll be OK.

Ross Conner, linebacker
On defensive adjustments at halftime
Basically, we started playing what worked for us in the first half, did the things that worked best for us on defense. That worked in the second half. We shut them out so it was a direct result.

On upcoming game
It's a big week, it's a pink week, it's an honor and priveledge to be a part of it. The players are really excited to do this. It's great for the community and all the women we are helping. For the game, its a must-win situation. We can't lose. We gotta win. That's the bottom line.

On Prairie View's offense
I think we stack up really well with their offense. They’re gonna try to run the ball on us a lot. Our defensive line will be solid and our linebackers will be a lot better. Get the ball back and let our offense go to work.

On second-half performance
I think it started at halftime in the locker room. The guys, they got fed up with it. I've been here a long time now. I'm tired of losing. We started it in the second half. There were a lot of emotions. As soon as we got that first three-and-out on defense, we got going. The offense scored — it was a very emotional game. Unfortunately we lost. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Alphonso Powell, safety
Evaluating secondary's performance
We tackled real well. Passing, we gave up a couple deep balls. We gotta work on that, make sure we're working on our technique and that we're there to make the play.

Going against Prairie View
We're gonna come out and play hard. It's going to be some hard-nosed D.

Marcus Allen, wide receiver
On his performance this past weekend
A great experience. I wasn't nervous, it was more excitement than being nervous. Seeing that many people in the stands, it was exciting.

On quarterback Jeff Fleming
He's a great quarterback. He's making his reads, he doesn't fold under pressure. He's a young quarterback, just like all of us.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see everyone is not happy with the Idaho game.
Let's get the ball rolling and get some confidence for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

We need to get a win.
It's TETWP week so, please show up to the game...it's for a great cause!

Anonymous said...

The Aggies aren't a threat to anyone. This team is already reminding me of the horrible 80's teams when Phil Vinson was QB and they lost to Div. II Angelo State.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07 Are you the same poster every week with something bad to say? If so, please get a clue and find something positive in life and don't follow Aggie football.

I'm glad to see that the football coaches weren't satisfied with the performance. The linebackers, especially Ross, need more improvement than anywhere else. Some of their play made the CB's look bad. I hope that we have a backup or a sub for him so he can pulled to get his head in the game. He did play much better in the second half though.

Anonymous said...

Go Aggies! However, all that talk about we did so much better in the second half needs to stopped. Losers recipe; get down big early and come roaring back in second half when opponent has shut it down. Average teams, like Idaho, just aren't good enough to turn it back on and make it look like we could have a chance in the game. Good teams won't do that and we won't get back in it. Something to think about. Lets get excited for this Saturdays game and come out to support the TEAM!