Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talk with Rosey

Spoke with NMSU offensive coordinator Timm Rosenbach Wednesday.

I asked him what he thought about the running game last weekend. He said that he thought there were some flashes of good play from the position but that, on 33 carries, he'd like more production than the 107 yards gained from scrimmage.

Don't be surprised to see a little more of Seth Smith this week at running back. Seth came in during the fourth quarter last week and pounded his way for yardage - four carries, 17 yards. Still, Rosenbach likes his other backs as well and said that while the team would like to get Smith more touches, much of that will be dictated by course of the game this Saturday.

I also spoke to Rosenbach about the play of Jeff Fleming. The offensive coordinator said that it was similar to the backs, some good things and some mistakes. Rosenbach said that the No. 1 point of improvement he wanted to see from Fleming was in redzone efficiency, an area of struggle for the Aggies against Idaho.

I spoke with Fleming as well. He said that the one lesson he learned this week was the value of protecting the football. NMSU committed three turnovers against the Vandals, with two coming from inside the opposing 20.

Coach Walker said something about Fleming that made a lot of sense. Statistically, Fleming played well. 21-of-33 pass completions - over 60 percent completion percentage - 230 yards and an interception. He also was mobile, making a few plays with his legs.

Still, while Walker pointed out Fleming's performance, the head coach wants to see more out of Fleming in terms of game management and leadership. He said that's half the battle as a quarterback, leading the troops.

I believe quarterback is a deceiving position. You want a football player back there first and foremost. And the No. 1 number is wins.


Lots of frustration on the board, some from me and a lot from our posters.

It's still early folks. The Idaho loss was disappointing, but it was only Week 1.

Everyone knew coming into the year, this team was a work in progress. Actually, I think some did and some are unrealistic. I had a neighbor come out and say the other day that he thought the team would win all of its home games and go to a bowl. I told hims straight out, that isn't going to happen. But he believed it. This is a classic example of setting yourself up for disappointment.

I predicted at the beginning of the year that NMSU would win four games. This isn't some crazy call that the team is going to challenge for a WAC title. This was realistic, yet in my eyes fair and attainable. I had them beating Idaho - which they obviously didn't - but I'm going to stick by my original call. I still think they can pull off four W's. And if they do, in my eyes, that would be a great season.


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of lessons to be learned from Idaho.

We all have to remember that Hal Dumme left the cupbpard VERY bare.
No defense, no kicking game, no running game and our passing game graduated/ transffered.

Coach Walker inherited the toughest job in America (Thanks again Hal Dumme) and we must be supportive and patient.

If the team comes out from the opening bell and plays like they did in the second half; were going to be OK.

Let's get our first win of the year! Go Aggies!!

Anonymous said...

At this stage of the game, 4 wins would be great.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, I was frustrated by the loss, because we should be able to beat Idaho. I think the difference in the game was a first time staff getting it all together vs a team that is entering there 3rd season together.

I was encouraged by the second half play, and think that we will win 4-6 games this year. Call me crazy but I believe in CDW and his staff. I expect a significant improvement this week and look to whip up on UTEP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:32 is setting themself up for disappointment. I expect a competitive game against UTEP. It'll be a tough game which we may have a chance to win. I for one am not giving up on the Aggies based on the first game. My fear is if the trend continues. A few plays cost us the game. This happened a lot during the Mumme era, especially the last two years. We have to get past the couple of plays costing us a win and just come out and get the job done, whether we screw up on a few plays or not. I thought a good game plan overall and was pleased with the second half minus the red zone turnovers.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the offense must perform better (must throw the ball downfield) most of the throws were underneath throws teams will adjust to that and force us to go elsewhere with the ball.

On the defensive side of the ball we need a PASS RUSH!!! The corners (Buck) took a lot of heat and even lost his spot because of the Idaho performance.

It is unfair to ask the secondary to cover good recievers for long periods of time because there is NO pressure being put on the quarterbacks (1 Sack late in game).

We should be able to handle P-view this week but UTEP will be a real task. I watched them against Buffalo and they have a very, very mobile QB (exstends plays) and a bunch of fast recievers. We must pressure the passer to have a chance in that one.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, many of us are grinding through a tough and frustating opening week performance. But, hey, at least we care.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that a bunch of coaches that are new-on-the-job took some heavyweight lickings this past week.

New Mexico (no touchdowns against Texas A&M), San Diego State (finished upside down against UCLA), Oregon (no points, no first downs in the first half against Boise), Utah State (miserable against Utah).

Yes, none of those teams are an Idaho, but some of 'em (A&M and UCLA) are way down from where they have been in years past.

Let's get real, its tough for a new staff to put it all in place in their first game. Real tough. Ask any of those new coaches.

And as we all know, we get to play three of 'em in the coming month or so. Now, those games will be a more true barometer of where we all are or where we are not.

Let's continue to keep the faith. I see good things ahead if we can to build on our second half performance from last week.