Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Press conference quotes

DeWayne Walker, head coach
On quarterback competition
We’re gonna heat up the quarterback competition this week. We’re gonna give Trevor the snaps with the (first string) along with Jeff. We’ll decided later on during the week what we want to do.

On injured offensive tackle David Norman
It’s his knee. He’ll probably be out the next couple of weeks, we’re just thankful he’s not out for the season. We’re pretty thin at the offensive line. We have our fingers crossed that he’ll get back in the next couple of weeks.

On New Mexico
Offensively, I’ll tell you, their backs scare the crap out of me. I know their having some quarterback issues as well and they’re trying to figure that out. But there running backs are very good and their receivers are good enough to catch the ball.

On Fleming’s performance
It’s all about scoring points. We’ve moved the ball, we just haven’t scored touchdowns. I just think that it was never a situation where he was the clear-cut starter coming into the season. You have to give Trevor kudos. His two drives, we did score touchdowns. In fairness to Trevor, we should heat it up a little bit in practice and see where they head up.

On Walker's relationship with UNM coach Mike Locksley relationship
We go back. When we’re out (together) we’ll laugh and joke. I’m sure once kickoff starts, that’ll change.

On respect for UNM’s offense
It was good enough at Illinois so I’m sure at some point it will be good enough for UNM. I’m just hoping it’s not this weekend.

Is this weekend a make-or-break game?
It’s too early in the season for that. We’ve got 13 games. If it were a situation where if we lost this game that it would knock us out of bowl contention, than you could say that. But there’s too much football left to worry about that. We just gotta get to 2-2.

On other personnel changes
Federico is still dealing with his concussion. He’s a guy who could be out. We’re going to get Blount back this week and we think he can help us. Kyle Smithis another guy we could get back. That would really help us with our offensive line.
Everything else is pretty much status quo. Quarterback position we’ll heat up.

On passing game’s improvement
We have to take what the defense gives us. There were some throws — Kyle (Nelson) was open on the first play of the game. We’ve got to catch that. I know that’s something that disturbed me last week at practice. I thought there were a lot of dropped balls in practice. That’s something we’ve addressed as a staff. You can’t drop balls in practice because if you do you’re going to drop balls in the game.
If the quarterbacks get the ball there, we’ve got to catch it too. We’ve got to open it up a little bit. We’re not going to throw it on every down, but we’ve got to keep the defense honest as much as we can.

On intensity level of practice
I think our guys have really practiced really good. It’s about execution. I don’t think (the problem is) our practice habits per say. It’s about execution on gameday.

On field goal kicking
We’re at a stage where we need every point we can get. Defensively, we’ve played well in spurts. If we could just get some help, whether it be a field goal or we get in the redzone and score a touchdown here or there. We’re not the Baltimore Ravens, we’re not going to win 10-3 games. We’re not that kind of defense yet. But I think we’re good enough to if we can get whatever we can get, that’ll keep us in games against good football teams.

On penalty situations that have hurt Aggie scoring drives
That’s when I lose my cool. Again, as a football team, we need every break we can get. When we move the ball and we’re on the verge of getting some points and we get a holding or a offsides, now you get pushed back. We’re not good enough to do those things. We’re going to address it in our own way and get that handled.

On lightning delay
It was different, I don’t know if I even experienced anything like that....UTEP had to sit out just like we did, I don’t want to use that as an excuse. You hate to go through stuff like that. You would rather play the game when it’s supposed to be played rather than chilling out in the locker room for three hours. Whether that had anything to do with how the game played out doesn’t matter, but it definitely was an experience.

Tonny Glynn, running back/kick returner
On avenging close loss last year to UNM
We’re trying to get to a bowl game this year. Just win more than we lose.

On offenses struggles
We just gotta cut down on our penalties. We’re moving the ball pretty good but when we get into the redzone, we’re always shoot ourselves in the foot.

Is this week a make-or-break game?
I think it would help us but I don’t think it would break us if we were to lose.

On rivalry with UNM
It’s just crazy. An exciting game to be in. They have great fans that come out and support them. It’s a great environment to be in.

Ross Conner, linebacker
On looking to avenge close loss
I wouldn’t say avenge, we’re looking to get a win. We’re looking to get to that magical number for the bowl game. That’s our goal.

On teams mental after UTEP loss
We lost, and it hurt, but we’re still focused and we’ll be prepared for game this weekend.

On NMSU defensive effort last week
I think the defense played well. We played strong in the first half. It didn’t work out for us but it isn’t going to determine our season. We’ll still have a strong defense, hopefully one of the better ones in our conference. We still have high hopes.

On preparing for UNM’s spread offense
It’s something we’ll have to address in practice. We’ll work on it and have a good gameplan for that.

On the rivalry with UNM
It’s a big rivalry. The fans on both sides are into their teams. UNM has a very good fanbase. It’s gonna be a very exciting game, high emotions. Hopefully it all turns out well.

On coming off a rivalry game and jumping back into another
I wouldn’t say it effects us. As a team we have to stay on top of our A-game. We lost last week. It’s unfortunate. This week, it’s UNM, it’s a huge game also. We can’t dwell on that loss, we’re over that. We’re focusing on UNM. That’s all we’re thinking about.

Stephon Hatchett
On UNM game
It’s a rivalry game, coming off the loss to UTEP, we’re going out there looking for a win. There will be a lot of people in the stands and high intensity both emotionally and physically. We’re going to try to go out and get a win.

On importance of getting the win
It’s always important to get a win and to get back to 2-2, .500, so we can meet the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Especially after the loss to UTEP, we hope to get the confidence back in our team and in our program.

On goals for the secondary
Stop them from scoring. We want to stop them from scoring and give the offense more opportunities.


Anonymous said...

We haven't beaten unm since 2002.

I'd love to get a win but, the team is playing pretty crappy and see another loss in the horizon, even if unm is pretty crappy also!

Anonymous said...

...This just in...NMSU is featured again as ESPN's "Pillow Fight of the Week" vs. the Low-Blows.The possibility could be there for more "pillow fights" against San Diego State and Utah State!!!

Anonymous said...

According to the Bottom 10, this season is becoming a big pajama party!

C'mon Aggies, six straight loses is enough! Let's get this one!