Monday, February 11, 2008

Walls to NMSU?

I recent poster gave a shout out to Waverly High School (Ohio) quarterback Trevor Walls. Well, apparently, Walls is coming to NMSU. I went to Waverly's high school Web site. Here's the link.

I know, that release is just brimming with information.

Walls is a big kid - 6-6, 215. He threw for 2,002 yards his senior year of high school with 20 TDs and 4 picks.

Chase Holbrook is a senior in 2008. I liked what I saw from J.J. McDermott last season as a true freshman. At least in the La Tech game, where he was steady and at times very solid. Who knows what this means but it's interesting.

Here's some video of Walls from HS


InfamousChuck said...

Is this kid going to be on scholarship? I thought Mumme gave out all available scholarships. Obviously he won't supplant Chase or JJ so will he redshirt next year? Why did we barely hear about him if he signed on Wednesday? With everything listed on him, he's a smart, accurate kid, why wasn't he getting more offers, Rivals has Bowling Green, Miami(Oh), and Ohio as his only schools, no mention of NMSU. Or for that matter from NMSU about this kid on thier website.

Teddy said...

Apparently he will gray shirt this season

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Walls' hometown Newspaper about his signing.

An alum from long ago and far away.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Nice to see that he has academic ambitions in addition to football. What exactly does it mean to "gray shirt"?

Anonymous said...

Greyshirt is when the athlete goes to school in the fall only part-time. He can't practice or be on the team until the spring. He will be part of our next years recruiting class. He also doesn't lose a year of eligibilty, and can red-shirt next season if Mumme choices to.

Anonymous said...

This guy is walking on and is more exciting than any recruit that the Mummy man has signed with a scholly this spring.

What does this say about our recruiting?

Anonymous said...

I don't see Gerela listed as a 2008 coach. Did he finally get canned? Mumme says in his Feb 6th Bleed Crimsom interveiw that he got another "high school" kicker. Why is it that he just can't get a good seasoned kicker and keep them around? If Gerela got canned who will bee the next special teams / kicking coach? Hope it's not Mumme because he is clueless at the kicking game!!