Thursday, February 7, 2008

Excited for football

I can't wait for football season. I had so much fun covering the team last year and being at the signing day press conference today got my blood going again.

A few things of note. First off, the team has two big holes at the two tackle positions on offense going into spring ball with the depatures of James Farrelly and Mike Martinez. Patrick Blount surprised the Aggies last year during spring ball and heading into the season but never saw the field. He could be a starter. But they brought in two JUCO guys, David Norman and Joe Suder. Suder is a house - 6-foot-6, 330 pounds. O-line is so important, particularly at tackle when you pass just about every play. They'll need good play there, the question is, who starts? Nobody talked about the O-line last season, but they were pretty solid considering how many times the team threw the ball. Check that, they were above average and much improved from the year before. That will be a key unit all year and one to keep an eye on.

Linebacker got beefed up some. Dante Floyd is gone, so they need some help in the middle. Three of the four starters from last year are back though and they brought in three newcomers as well. Joe Lee Dunn runs a defense with five linebackers in its base formation so obviously having a lot of bodies here is important here.

A little concerned about the secondary. It doesn't look like they have anybody really new here and the corners - Chris Woods and Davon House - got thrown on last year. House showed flashes but he was a freshman. He got picked on too. When I think of Woods, I think of the Nevada game. Stopping on one play because he thought the receiver stepped out of bounds and watching the Wolf Pack go in for a score and giving up the game-winning completion from 30-yards out with a minute remaining. That game was a gut-wrenching 40-38 affair that really nailed home NMSU's season. I'll never forget the press conference after that game. The team was beat down physically and emotionally. Football is a tough sport when you're not winning. Harder than any other when you're not winning I believe.

Offensively, when this team is healthy, points will not be a problem. It makes for exciting football. For those who don't watch the team often, you're missing out on some fine receivers, particularly Chris Williams who can flat out fly. If Chris is on the field all year, he will get 20 TDs. I really believe that, look at last season, he would have gotten it if he didn't break his collarbone. Chase Holbroook is a leader and can chuck it. Tonny Glynn is always interesting because of his rare abilities as a runner in the open field. And they have other pieces too. Everyone will score if this team is healthy.

But we all know the key is defense. How much better will they be? Can they win a 17-14 game where the D steps up in the fourth quarter and puts the opposition away? That's how you win consistently. With a stout D. Who knows? That's the beauty of the new year. Optimism is high. And I can't wait to find out how it will go down.



David said...

Dammit Teddy -- We are in the middle of basketball season, and you got me hankering for some pigskin! Good post.

Anonymous said...

What's exciting about another under .500 wins season?

Anonymous said...

Nice story on football, but I thought baseball was next. Any words of wisdom on what is happening in that sport? I think they start playing in two weeks, so it would be nice to hear how they look.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting excited about anything, related to NMSU.
When the expectations are high, the teams under achieve.

Didn't the secondary get torched last year? So why only one recruit for the secondary?
There's also eligibility issues. Butler and Woods had a tough time making grades. Are they taking care of business in the classroom?

Mumme says he's happy w/ the recruits. Then again, every coach in the country says the same thing on signing day.

Don't judge the team now. Judge the team on Win's and Losses not, broken records.

Hopefully this will be the year we go bowling...we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the significant number or JUCO recruits - its a slippery slope. But if things work out, and their immediate impact results in more wins the next two years, that will help recruiting HSers in the near future. So it's a gamble; let's just hope Mumme is a good gambler. And guys, please don't be asking "how many stars" do our recruits have? Assume it's none or one. Remember, we're NMSU, not Texas.
-Aggie Glare

Az Aggie said...

"A bright day for area atheletes" looks more like a black eye for NMSU football recruiting.Coach Mumme couldn't get even ONE local star athelete to commit to State-but that other school up north sure can reel 'em this coach's mind, it's all about his golden boy and savior Chase Holbrook,and to heck with the rest of it.

bgdadylmpy said...

It won't matter who they bring in if we don't have a field goal kicker and kick off person. We easily coulc have won 6 games last year with a kicker

Teddy said...

There kicking game was miserable last season. They couldn't get it past the 35 on most kickoffs. I agree, if that's not improved, what will be?

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, we got a kicker!

We're gunna win at least 1 more game next year.

AZ Aggie said...

Hey...there..hear that? It's the sound of Lobo football laughing at us..not even the local HS prospects want to play for State!It's a WINNING attitude they're looking for-and they're NOT finding it in Coach Mumme's program.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mumme went after speed.
One thing is to run a straight 40, another is to come of the edge or get behind a DB.

I do hope he brought a few more CW's (Chris Williams), not just in speed but, in performance.

A lot of Juco's. Someone is trying to save his job with quick patches.
Hopefully his strategy will work out.


Anonymous said...

Those Mayfield players would of never played for NMSU. Woods, and House are going to be great corners. You have to remember that both of them are very young, and they should improve a lot from last year to this year. Don't forget we are running a 3-5, so we didn't need to sign anymore DB's. We have House, Richardson, Woods, and Butler. I think we will have a very good team next year, and go to a bowl game. Hal Mumme did a great job, and remember we don't have to recruit New Mexico kids to be sucessful. We signed 1 NM kid from Los Alamos who had a offer from UNM, and he picked NMSU. Hal also has left the door open for Marcus Williams. Who cares if those Mayfield kids went to UNM. We don't need them, because I think we can find better.

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Aggie fans. I'm with David. I'm excited. Why start out the season pessimistic. That takes the fun out of the slow, but sure crawl down that path.

And only 6 NM HS kids were signed. There isn't a whole lot of talent in this state, and much of it doesn't fit in our system. Support the kids that CHOOSE to come here, and quit your belly aching.

Anonymous said...

I second the comment on baseball. A preview of the WAC teams would be great as well as what we can expect from the Aggies this year. Being from Northern New Mexico, I know there will be next to nothing in the local news outlets on Aggie baseball so I am hoping you will be our source. I took my family to see the Ags in Tempe at the NCAA regionals a few years ago and I hope they can make it to postseason play again this year.

Anonymous said...

If we finish .500, Aggie Glare promised me he'd eat his own dirty drawers.

Let's go Aggies!

David said...

College baseball is like soccer in my mind. Wake me for the CWS/World Cup. Other than that I don't care. I love my Aggies, but college hard ball is not my cup of tea. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

NMSU is picked to finisg dead last in the WAC...again!
We were so bad last year, we didn't even make it to the WAC tournament.

Coach Ward is on his last contractual year and on notice. The kids need to respond or it's Adios, Rocky.

Football. I see the Spring game is scheduled for April 26th.
I won't get caught up in the "Mumme hype" but, I'm curious to see that blitz heavy defense.

I see Carlton Buckels left to UNT. Good guy but, his secondary got torched the past three years.
Maybe he will help bring a home and home w/ the Mean Green.
It was a pretty nice rivalry in the Sun Belt days.


Anonymous said...

To the people that complains that Mumme ignores New Mexico kids did it ever occur to you that Mumme does offer plenty of NM kids and they chose UNM instead? Mumme can't force them to come here. You want to see more local kids play for NMSU? Well then NMSU needs to become a winning program.

Mumme can't force any NM kid to come here so quit ragging on him for not signing any NM players.

Anonymous said...

They might as well cancel this blog until football season starts. It's all daily comments during football season, and then maybe one a week during basketball. Hmm, you'd almost think that Teddy wasn't from around here...

Anonymous said...

Teddy, how about a recruit who is going to grey-shirt for NMSU next season. He is a 6'6 215 QB from Waverly, Ohio. His name is Trevor Walls, and has his junior and senior year highlight film on youtube. He looks pretty damn good on film.

Anonymous said...

No decent kickers will come to NMSU because of the last three years of Mumme / Gerela incompetence in the kicking game. Neither one one of these coaches has a clue how to coach kickers. Just look at the previous seasons. They have nothing but lame excuses!!