Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aggie hoops

I apologize for the lack of basketball posts the last few days. Frankly, it's pathetic considering the team plays Boise tonight in their biggest game of the year.

It's hard for me to accurately comment on the basketball team. I don't cover the team - Jason Groves does. But I also understand the importance of Aggie basketball to LC.

I think the Boise game comes down to two simple things. Defending the 3-point shot, something NMSU has struggled doing at times this year. And Boise shoots the three very well. The second element is turnovers. That's obviously been a bone of contention all season. Does this team have a true point guard? Again, I haven't watched them play much but it seems like that position is in a state of transition. It will be interesting to see if JayDee Luster gets minutes tonight. He's gotten spot duty at best this year but Groves' article indicated that Chris Cole might be out of action, leaving Luster as the backup point.

The team has been wildly inconsistent this year, making it hard to predict what will happen. I often find myself picking them to win and then they lose or vice-versa. Last time they faced the Broncos they picked up one of their best wins of the season. 76-73, in Boise, minus Herb Pope and with a banged up Justin Hawkins. If you remember correctly, Jahmar Young drained 33 in the win. Without that, they don't win but it was a good win none-the-less.

Again, if NMSU contains the 3 and hold onto the ball, they win going away. The Broncos will be ready to play and are hungry for the win. But I say Aggies 80-70 over Boise State. Now watch them go out and lose by 7.


Anonymous said...

No need to apologize Teddy. Most of us understand you cover football. And I imagine your life consists of more than blogging!!

As for the game this evening, I'm really looking forward to it (and its on TV too!!). You are exactly right - there is no telling which Aggie team will show up. Could we be on a legitimate winning streak? Or will we lay (another) egg? In addition to defending the 3 and limiting turnovers, we need to pound the rock into our bigs. Sure hope Menzies is telling the truth when he says Luster could play more. He IS a legitimate point guard, but he won't get any better watching from the bench. Wish I lived in LC for this one. Go Aggies, please don't disappoint!!
-Aggie Glare

Az Aggie said...

Hey,just saw the score-GREAT JOB GUYS!!! A sweep of the Idaho schools -way to go- I hope that they've finally found a go to point guard.See,this is more fun to write about than that dreary football program-La Tech,bracket buster up next-GO AGGIES

Anonymous said...

Very good win!
Boise hit there three's but, when NMSU is on, they are tops!

I hope we get some consistency. Now's the time to get rolling.

Love those 4 and 5 PM starts! I hope NMSU continues to schedule Saturday games earlier.

The Buss said...

So now that the game is over, I have to say, first of all, the Aggies came out really really strong. Great inside game, very aggressive.

Then, some questionable substitutions by Menzies just didn't ever let the team hit their stride. I'm glad they hung on to win by 19, but they could've done better. I know it's just me, I'm a jerk, a Menzies hater, all that stuff, but come on. They would have blown Boise off the floor by at least 30 points if Iti had gotten a few more minutes, McKines didn't get benched every few minutes, and Gibson played during those two Boise runs in the second half.

I know, hindsight is 20/20, but I'm an armchair quarterback, so whatever. I did see some big time positives tonight, if they can play like they did for the first 7 minutes, then dang, they can beat ANYBODY, that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

let luster play.....

Anonymous said...

Excellent performance Aggies!! You gotta love our play in the paint. With the exception of Nevada, we should dominate all WAC opponents with our inside play. So lets recap: since the Hawaii debacle, we won a tight game on the road, blew out a bad team at home, and dominated a good team at home. Do I detect consistency? Three games is not sufficient to assume our inconsistent ways are officially behind us, but it definitely is reason to regain some of the optimism we had when the season started. Keep it up boys - go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare

JJ said...

Three game win streak. First game of the streak (San Jose) was not a great game but we won. Are the Aggies starting to get rid of the inconsistency that all this change in available players has resulted? We hope!!! Of course the most important time for them to play well together is tournament time.

jj said...

In terms of the talent available, I know that all the players are needing to work together as a team if they want to make this year successful. Fred Peete had one of his more complete games against Boise State. He was off and on earlier in the year. I think he has more upside as a point guard than Chris Cole, but has to get rid of those off nights. Jaydee Luster has alot of potential also, but he has been caught up in the Aggies' struggle to get the right chemistry. The other guards are more shooting guards. RE: Herb Pope. He is getting better and better. He needs to get rid of a lot of the freshmen mistakes (e.g. silly fouls) before the tournament. Of course he didn't have the advantage of a full season to do this. And some of the tremendous young talent on the team (Young, Gibson, McKines, Pope, Luster) need to continue to work their roles into the team concept. And most of all - CONSISTENT DEFENSE!!

Anonymous said...

If UTEP was in the WAC, they would win it every year! The Aggies will not win the WAC because they are not in Shape.

Tony Barbie rules!

Anonymous said...

Someone's in love w/ Tony Barbie doll!
Hey, Utep gal!
Worry about winning your own conference.
We will take of business during the WAC tournament.

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Dude its spelled Barbee. Not Barbie. And considering UTEP only won the WAC once since 1990 (2005), I doubt they would take it every year.

I liked the way the Aggies played tonight and hopefully they can finish off the season well and win the WAC tourney since its the only shot they have of going to the NCAA tourney

Anonymous said...

I'd be more than happy to see H.S.tep back in the WAC. Just to see if what you claim is true. But I guess I'll settle to see them play second fiddle to Memphis.

InfamousChuck said...

Great win. Let's keep the momentum rolling. Only 6 games left before the WAC tourney.

IMHO, I would have prefered to see Coach Henson enter the ring of honor by himself this first year.

As for whotep, and the barbie girl who posted on the blog. Get real, the whiners have 1 conference road win in two years.

JG or Teddy, any news on Terrance Joyner or Faisal Aden?

Anonymous said...

Since Anon. 7:25 can't read between the lines, I'll have to explain it like I explain things to my four year old.

I know how to spell Barbee however, I used the name "Barbie" to poke fun at the Minors (yes, its Miner's and I'm also poking fun at the name) head coach.

Barbie and Ken dolls, Malibu Barbie, Cowgirl Barbie, El Paso Barbie, etc.

Dude, where's your sense of humor?

Anyways, good win!
I just hope there is no let down vs. LaTech.
They beat us in Ruston last year and played us pretty tough this year in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

hey Teddy, please do us a favor and omit stupid utep miner posts in the future.