Thursday, February 28, 2008


That's the only way to describe the way the Aggies played at Nevada last night. A poor pregame prediction on my part but I thought NMSU was due to make a statement on the road.

This was a huge game for the team but they failed to meet expectations. The Wolf Pack were in control the whole way and NMSU never seriously threatened. Defense was clearly the problem. Giving up 98 points, that's a ton and Nevada shot the lights out. Some teams get hot and make everything but anyone can use that as an excuse. Good defensive teams don't let the opponent shoot 61 percent from the field. They force them to miss. They play tight, hardnosed defense and take the other team out of their comfort zone. Nevada seemed very comfortable throughout.

That's twice the Wolf Pack have beaten up the Aggies this year. Is it matchups, is it coaching? Matchups in basketball are so key. Look at how NMSU has handled Boise State this year. Still, it seems like, at times this year, Menzies has struggled on the sidelines. The Aggies trailed the entire game by double digits. Where was the in-game adjustments. Were there any? I wasn't at the game, I can't really say. But they never seriously threatened and Nevada never had a problem scoring.

This is still a wide open conference. The regular season title also means nothing. The WAC Tournament will decide all these teams' fate. A win here would have been nice though.

The way this team has been this year, they could go to Fresno and win by 20, win by 2 or lose by 25. I have no idea what will happen. But I'll say they win.


Anonymous said...

Who own's you?!!!
I told you what was going to happen and you guys blasted me for telling the your face!

I got a couple of predictions you can take to the bank:
1). NMSU will lose again before the season is over.
2). NMSU won't get past the 2nd round of the WAC tourney.
3). The Pack will win the WAC tourney.

It's going to be fun to be crowned WAC champs in your floor...I mean our floor cause we own NMSU!!
Remember, we just let you practice in the PanAm!

See you in a couple of weeks, losers!

Wolfpack Jack

Anonymous said...

I realize you can't win them all but, getting man handled twice, c'mon!!

They should have called this game, "The back to the woodshed, part II".

The Reno guards out played our guards, again. How many times does the same team shoot lights out?
How about some defense!

This team has frustrated the community. Play well, play bad, play well, play bad, etc.
What a recurring theme!

No wonder WAC sales are bad. Who wants to see a team that wins by 20 and then gets drilled by 25!

Mr. Jeckyl and Dr. Hyde are back!

Anonymous said...

'Disappointing' is the best word to describe the Men's basketball team. I am starting to think they are all hype. The Players got out played, and the coaching staff got out Foxed again. I've been critical of the coaching staff all year, but the Aggie senior leadership has been suspect and shows no heart. Where in the world was Passos last night? Everytime the Aggies play that "team from Reno" he is a non-factor.

Anyhow, from what I heard last night, it seemed cold shooting, lack of defensive intensity, and some questionable calls doomed the aggies.

I still think the Aggies will probably win the WAC tournament because it's in Las Cruces. However, if they lose, you will see a drop in attendance, key players will transfer, and we will have 6- 26 teams all over again.


Saturday's prediction
Freson 86

Anonymous said...

..So,have we seen the last of Poodle Noodle Jack? I see hurled water bottles in your future.Very disappointing effort-so much for the #1 seed.But..way to go ladies!!Even though I still think that they should have kept the nickname Roadrunners!!One of you will make the big dance in March at least..Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

This year's aggie team (men)reminds me of my deadbeat father. He would Fire me up with excitement and hope, to later let me down with disappiontment.

I need a hug and free beer!

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack Jack.......your team will come in just as overconfident as they did last year, Pack will not make the championship game.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, you picked a darn good word to describe the Ags. 98 points and 61% FG percentage allowed - were we playing Duke? Losing at Reno is understandable; not competing with superior talent is inexcusable. And afterwards, Fox compliments Menso. Hell, I would to if I figured out how to easily whoop his team with inferior talent. Foes like Menso is what every coach wants. And I just bought tickets to the WAC tourney yesterday afternoon - aahhh! Glad to see our team was "dialed in" at practice this week.

But you have to give Menso some credit. Knowing that our guard play would have to step up, he played Luster more than Cole. Luster played 5 minutes, Cole 4. Now that's progress!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Aggies got beat down, they played a weak game. Of course, brokeback jack is still around with nothing better today. That's ok, Nevada won't win the tourney, just like last year when they should have. That dude needs to be donkey punched more than anyone I know.