Monday, February 4, 2008

Buries transfers

I spoke with NMSU running back Justine Buries tonight. Apparently, he transfered to Hofstra. He and Gerald Gurrier. Justine told me about Gerald going. Buries was a decent back for the Aggies and at times he was better than that. He played well last year and started when Tonny Glynn went down with an ankle injury. Even when Glynn was healthy, they were a good 1-2 punch together.

Gurrier redshirted last season. He was a DB and the team moved him to wideout. If I remember correctly, they liked his speed and athleticism. But I never saw him play at receiver.

Justine said he was excited about Hofstra and that the move to a run-first offense was great for him.


Anonymous said...

Teddy, Justine Buries is a good kid and student-athlete. I wish him and Gurrier well. But why would these two quality football player just up and leave NMSU? Have you talked to Jeremiah Williams? Rumor has it that he is not participating in team workouts because he is transfering too. It was reported in the Sun-News a couple of seasons ago that Dr. Boston recruited Jeremiah Williams. Jeremiah's uncle or father was a former teammate of Dr. Boston. Boston convinced him into coming to NMSU to play for Mumme after he had committed to another program. We're losing Buries, Gurrier, and maybe J. Williams too. What is going on? Help me understand how Mumme and the coaching staff can lose J. Buries who was our leading rusher in 2007 and possibly lose J. Williams who was our leading rusher in 2006 and the last RB to rush for over 100 yards since J. Buries did in the 2006 opener. Is the "Air Raid" offense an anathema for a serious RB, or are these defections a reflection of a bad head coach or a program headed to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about Justin but, he does have a degree (December)and a year of eligibility left.
He has the chance to carry the rock more before he hangs it up.

He was demoted to the scout team in Mumme's first year and then came back and took that crybaby, Ali's job and, almost rushed for 800 yds!
It's too bad he blew out his knee in 06.
I wish him the best.

Great athlete but, was usually out of position. Hopefully he will find his nitch.

I see Mumme is getting set to sign a couple of Juco RB's (one is a three star) and a couple of HS backs. Hopefully, we won't miss a beat.

National signing day tomorrow!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Kids like Buries are why I like th NCAA rule of having eligibility left after you graduate and getting to transfer. This is a WIN WIN for Justine. What a character kid and it has no reflection on the coaching staff at all as far as negative. There are younger, stronger kids coming in and Justine wanted to play. Congrats Mr. Buries, Make us Aggies proud.

Anonymous said...

NMSU has Tony Glynn, and we have to JUCO running backs, and 1 hs running back, maybe 2 hs running backs who will sign with us tomorrow. I think we will be ok. Both JUCO running backs are guys who will fit perfect in our offense. J. Williams, and Buries were not the type of running backs that would fit in our offense. Tony Glynn fits just right, and I'm positive Glynn will have a great season this season.

Anonymous said...

Burries came to school and got his Degree in December.
He's been a heck of a student and heck of a player despite injuries and demotions.

I wish he would stay and help us go to a bowl game but, he's graduated and wants carry the ball more.
He deserves to transffer, he's earned that right!

I'm gonna miss watching #34 hit those holes.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.
With a degree in hand, you will be very succesfull when it comes time to hang it up!


bgdadylmpy said...

Teddy, Did Gerela get fired? Also what happened to Alex Davis the backup quarterback from 2 seasons ago. I don't see his name on the player list. Also do we have a field goal kicker for next year?

Anonymous said...

The last links to Tony Samuels are pretty much gone.
Samuels recruited Justin to play power FB and was very good at it. Mumme brought in a passing took Justin half a season but, he caught on and flourished!

He leaves w/ a degree and a chance to play power FB before he enters the working world.

Good work Justin in class and on the field. Wish you could stay another year but, we understand.
You have one more year of eligibility and need to make the most of it.

Drop us a line once in a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that Mumme told Buries to transfer if he wanted any playing time? Good luck JB.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:31 . . .Absolutely true! J.Buries was forced out of the program by Mumme. Mumme also told J.Williams that he wanted him to quit. He couldn't cut J. Williams because he was a Dr. Boston's recruit. The new JC and HS running backs need to beware. Mumme has been known to throw good players "under the bus." He did at Kentucky, too. We wish Buries and Williams well. Both guys will land on their feet. Don't worry, Mumme will reap what he has sowned.

Anonymous said...

Justine Buries is a stand up guy on the field and off the field. Mumme had come in and Buries was a freshman that had no idea of playing in an Air Raid that never took flight. Buries never complained and did what it took to get the job done. If you break down the film, every time Buries was in the backfield for the Aggies the opponents put 7 to 8 in the box to stop him not the air raid. Notice the blocking & protection Chase Holbrook had when Buries was in the game. Thank you for being the total package for the aggies J.Buries... I know you will make another team happy and have a great future in football and in life...