Saturday, February 2, 2008

San Jose State game

Justin Hawkins
Herb Pope
Martin Iti
Fred Peete
Jonathan Gibson

Tim Pierce
C.J. Webster
Chris Oakes
Jamon Hill
DaShawn Wright

Jahmar Young has indeed joined the team for tonight's game. JayDee Luster is dressed after sitting out on Thursday because of illness.



Anonymous said...

The only thing consistent about this team is, there inconsistency.

Nice win over SJSU.
So does that mean we stink up the gym vs. Idaho and, or, Boise St?
That is the trend, right?

It be nice to have a winning record this year. We have been a sub .500 team all year.

See you at the games this week and let's see if Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hyde shows up to play!


Anonymous said...

After watching the game on Thursday (Hawaii) and listening to the game on Saturday (SJSU) it is obvious that NMSU need a better point guard. Menzies should give Luster more playing time instead of Chris Cole. Luster is a better ball handler, quicker and shoots better, but it seem that Menzies like Cole and that is why he goes back to him.

Menzies start being a coach, open you eyes!

Anonymous said...

A road conference win is always a good thing, so we'll take it. Impressively NMSU had 25 assists - don't know if that's a season high, but that is darn good. Hawk and Peete had 7 assists each, so they were solid. Hopefully dumping the ball down low to Passos is something we'll see more of - he definitely had a productive road trip. We had way too many turnovers on this road trip though, something that needs to get better. Can't afford any more slip-ups at home; hopefully the coaches and players can find consistency and take care of business.
-Aggie Glare