Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday whoopin

Great win for the Aggies the other night. I think Boise is a decent team but NMSU matches up well with them.

All you have to do is look at turnovers. It's been something the team has battled all year but Saturday saw positives. First off, Fred Peete controlled the game. 12 assists, can't ask for much more. Personally, I'd like to see Fred play off the ball more. He's a very solid all-around player. Good rebounder and he's gritty. But they're playing him at point. Can't complain with 12 dimes.

The Aggies also out-boarded the Broncos. 50 boards, 24 on the o-glass. Boise had 28 rebounds the entire night.

Still, every night is a battle with this team. They've been playing much better at home. I think the La Tech game is huge on Thursday. NMSU lost there last year and it's a sleepy trip to Ruston. They need to come out ready to play and take it to a weaker team.

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JJ said...

Now this comment may stir up some things. But I have felt all along (this is MY opinion) that the two Aggies in this year's senior class who have the most chance of post-NMSU play were Justin Hawkins and Fred Peete. (That doesn't take anything away from the other seniors, that is just my opinion). Fred's inconsistency earlier in the season did both hurt him and the team success. Maybe some of it was because he was trying to be a multi-position player. Maybe it is because he was relegated to that role because of the personnel problems on the team early on. Now that a few more of the pieces of the puzzle are in place. Fred can work the point guard position better. He has the height advantage, the physical advantage and the offensive skills.