Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scariest WAC team

I'm sure you are all well aware that Utah State lost to San Jose State on Monday, losing its third straight game. The Aggies are technically a 1/2 game behind boise, but they own a sweep of boise. they would be the No. 1 seed. I was just curious which lower tier team you believe could be dangerous in the WAC Tournament. I would have to go with San Jose. I haven't seen Hawaii in person, but I was impressed with San Jose. They have a streaky shooter in Tim Pierce who shot his team back into it against the Aggies. They also have a couple of capable big guys in Chris Oakes and CJ Webster, both of whom were in foul trouble against the Aggies. DeVonte Thomas is also dangerous, he is the one who threw up a desparation shot at the buzzer that nearly fell. I know that the Spartans beat Utah State at home, but they just seem like a team that has the tools to make a run in the WAC Tournament as a lower seed.

Hawaii has beaten NMSU and USU and Idaho beat Fresno So who of the lower seeded teams would you be afraid to play as an Aggie fan?



Anonymous said...

SJSU or Hawaii?
Hawaii is very good at home but, is not the same team on the road. Even before they play a WAC tournament game, they would have been on the road for a week, vs. LATech and NMSU.

SJSU already beat both Nevada and Utah St. That's the team can sneak up on people!
Even on the road SJSU is pretty good.

Don't overlook anyone in this league. Execute and and play hard. Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

Any team can win any one game. As long as the Aggies are done overlooking teams, then I would not be worried about SJSU, Idaho, or La Tech. If you consider Hawaii a lower echelon team, then they are the ones to worry about, but Hawaii is still in the battle for first place, stange as it may seem. So the scariest team would have to be Fresno.

Anonymous said...

Hey-wait a minute-NMSU split its series with the Utags this season-IF they're a #1 seed,it's not by much.Just goes to show that you can't let up on ANY team in this league.The scariest team,IMHO,is this one-our own Aggies.I know it's been a 4 game win streak,yet you can't hold your breath with this team-yet!-az aggie

Anonymous said...

I think that instead of blogging about who the scariest team in the wac is we should be talking about NMSU having the regular season championship within their grasp. For the first time all season, we do not need results from any other team to move up in the standings. Its simple; win out and we take regular season championship with a very nice win streak going into the tournament. As for the tourmanet itself, we have only lost one wac game (Nevada) so as long as we keep playing the way we have we should be fine. It took long enough to get this team where everyone wanted it to be and we should be praising them. Hopefully the fans show up for the remainder of the games even if most of them simply jump on the band wagon.

JJ said...

I know the blog was in reference to the Aggie opponents, but the scariest WAC team HAS to be our Aggies. The team is starting to work together and accepting the team concept. Now as to Aggie WAC opponents, I would still say Hawaii. All year the Aggies have been susceptible to teams with good or streaky guard play. Hawaii took advantage of this on the island. Yes, Hawaii has put themselves in contention based on good wins against teams playing on the islands. But San Jose has also benefited from this same arrangement. Alot of their wins have come after teams have been worn out after playing Hawaii, NMSU or LA Tech. The only real exception was the win against Nevada. And NMSU usually has the advantage in big guys.

With NMSU guard play settling down, they can take advantage of not having to pace themselves as much as other teams in a tournament would have to. If they avoid an upset in the earlier rounds, they can used this depth (especially at the guard position) to wear other teams out with their defense. And that doesnt even address the home court advantage.

Anonymous said...

Win the number one seed and we get La Tech or Idaho and we dont have to worry about first round upset. With our great depth, home court advantage and the altitiude of Las Cruces, NMSU has to be considered the team to beat when all things are considered.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii did beat NMSU and SJSU came within a hair before J. Gibson got the late game winner and SJSU barely missed their last shots. Fortunately you don't have to speculate for long because both will visit the Pan Am as the last two games before the WAC tourney.

Teams like Hawaii and SDSU hitting 3-pointers on a given night can steal a WAC game, but no team can do it every night. Las Cruces is lucky that NMSU has a more balanced scoring threat and doesn't have to get one dimensional. A deep bench and guaranteed high seed in the tourney is a big advantange.

Coyote said...

Hey Teddy
Boise didn't sweep the Aggies, the Aggies swept the Broncos!


Anonymous said...

The Scariest WAC Team?

The league knows that if this teams plays like it's supposed to, it's pretty much over!

I'm really happy how the team is playing.
I just hope they keep playing this way thru the end of March.
I predict a Sweet Sixteen team!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:42--

Who are you really, and what did you do with Ganja Boy?

Anonymous said...

You need to correct your posting. We swept Boise; they didn't sweep the Aggies. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

just give up this blog