Monday, February 4, 2008

NMSU left out of TV Bracketbuster

WAC Commissioner Karl Benson announced that three WAC schools will have televised games during ESPNU's Bracketbuster weekend Feb. 23-24.

The Aggies are not one of those teams, which shouldn't come as a big surprise given their record. I was hoping to at least have their opponent for the Feb. 23 home game, but Benson said he could not comment on that until the member schools announce it, sometime around 4 p.m. today.

US-Santa Barbara plays at Utah State on that Friday.
Nevada travels to Southern Illinois on Saturday
Sienna travels to Boise State on Saturday.

Benson said the network schedule and times have not been worked out. Ill have something later and in tommorows paper.



InfamousChuck said...

Man, the Aggies drew the biggest cupcake on the list of travel teams. L.B.ST. is 320th in the RPI, kind of makes it hard to justify them even being a braketbuster team. I think I read that they only have 4 wins. Good luck drawing a large crowd to this game. Did the wac pick them, or how are these matchups set? Specifically the non televised games.

JJ said...

I see that the Aggies got Long Beach State. Nothing really against Long Beach State, but I would have preferred someone new who the Aggies fans had not gotten a chance to see before. Of course, the team has dug their own hole to try to get out of by their inconsistent play. We just hope that they can learn to put together a nice string of victories here at the end of the season and especially during the tournament. They certainly have the talent for it.

Anonymous said...

We're playing the worst team in the Big West.

Nice shot, Karl Benson!!!

Teddy said...

Here are all of the televised games. You are right Chuck. This game doesn't help the Aggies at all when you are talking about this year, but I guess Menzies is looking forward to playing the return game in California, where he does a lot of recruiting.

ESPNU BracketBusters event pairings:
Friday, February 22
UC Santa Barbara at Utah State
Davidson at Winthrop

Saturday, February 23
#15 Drake at #11 Butler
Kent State at #23 Saint Mary’s
Virginia Commonwealth at Akron
Marist at Cleveland State
Siena at Boise State
Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Bradley
Rider at Cal State Northridge
George Mason at Ohio
Creighton at Oral Roberts
Nevada at Southern Illinois
Miami (Ohio) at Valparaiso

Sunday, Februray 24
Wright State at Illinois State

Anonymous said...

Long Beach State! Were playing the mighty 49ers!
I'm going to camp out all night so I can get a ticket!
Hopefully Menzies and the team will stop by and hand out coffee and doughnuts to the people living in tent city.

At least Utep played the #1 team in the land.
This game is a joke!
With a 4-16 LBSU record and our 11-12 (NCAA doesn't count LeMoyne Owen) record.
I predict less than 5,000 fans show up for this weeks "pillow fight."

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Always looking at the glass half full ganja boy. I thought stoners were suppose to be happy go-lucky. You just seem cynical and spiteful. Who hurt you ganja? You can tell us.

Anonymous said...

The only way Long Beach should qualify as a bracket buster team is if you lose to them, busting any hopes of making the bracket in March. As for a return trip to the LBC next year, if that's going to help the staff recruit local talent by watching there hometown (area) team get blown out, so be it. The only thing that this helps is playing time for the younger guys.


Anonymous said...

Who hurt me? The Aggies inconsistent play!

Tough to be optimistic when the most talented team in the WAC can't get over .500!

The play has been so bad, even a dubbie and a bag fritos can't cure the pain!

C'mon Aggies, a little consistency would be nice.

Ganja Boy

Az Aggie said...

At this point in the season,and with this team's record and lack of discipline,there are no "pillow fight" games.Look how many times this team's forgotten to show up for crucial games!!Do they know that they're playing the 49ers?

Anonymous said...

I agree we didn't deserve to get a TV game, but come on now. Long Beach State sucks, and we got them. NMSU has a RPI of 139, and Long Beach State RPI is 324. What the hell is this.

Anonymous said...

We have no reason to complain. NMSU is an underachieving sub-500 team - we did not deserve an opponent with tough credentials and definitely do not deserve a TV slot. When the season started, I figured the b-buster would be a big deal. But six weeks or so into the season, it became quite apparent the b-buster would be a non-event for NMSU.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

The WAC sucks.

Anonymous said...

Does Marvin Menzies know that the 49ers aren't one of our major rivals? He obviously didn't know that UTEP was one of them. I still can't get over that, talk about an idiot!