Friday, November 30, 2007

Final game

Last game of the year for Aggie football.

I'm in the press box and the mood is dull. Nobody is really here at the stadium and the rain is falling. That clearly plays into the hands of Fresno.

Rumors continue to swirl around Mumme and his job. Frankly, he has done nothing to justify keeping the position. The team continued to go downhill as the season wore on.

The one thing that will save him is the two years left on his deal. But even with that, another flat performance will only add to the buzzards.


Anonymous said...

What happen to J. Buries? Jeremiah Williams did a good job running and catching the ball. Why didn't we see more of J. Williams during the course of the season? Seems to me that NMSU had enough players that were not injured to be competitive and win some games even without C. Williams, D. Dubois, and Glynn. With an empthy stadium the last two games, an irresponsible head coach, and low morale among the players, the fans, and the community, I'd say that a good manager would cut his losses and fire Mumme unless NMSU values mediocrity. Several head coaches were fired at respectable programs whose records are better than Mumme. NMSU will never turn the football program around until they stop settling for mediocrity. 0-12 the first year, 4-8, the second year, and now 4-9 this year. Fire Mumme and hire a coach who values winning. Dr. Boston is fighting an uphill battle trying to sell NMSU football to this community as long as Mumme is the head coach. A year from now, it is very likely that the cry will be: "show Mumme and Boston the door!

Anonymous said...

Well I for one was at the game - at least till the middle of the 3rd quarter when I was soaked from head to toe. Umbrella, rain poncho - nothing to keep us dry. A die hard fan, supporting those players. I do not support the coaching staff and feel strongly that Mumme's contract should be bought out. Can we really stand another two years of this. Its pathetic that he cant put anything together and Im sure now that we'll be getting a new DC, things will just turn around and we'll go 11-0 next year. Yeah, right.

The Buss said...

Look, I know I'm going to be labeled the jerk here, but come on already. The Aggie basketball team won last night, and there were a lot of positives, and we're still talking about football. Can we expect this during basketball season, to keep hearing football news? It's time to let it go, move on, and realize that as long as Dr. Boston is in charge and Hal Mumme is the coach, our football team will never do any better than a 4 win season, with two of those wins always coming against D-II's.

Anonymous said...

Any way we can get Fresno St. to come in August or Septemebr when we really need the rain!
LOL, it was wet and cold and it was the same thing two years ago!

It was good to see the team compete.
I think Mumme stays but, will need a great season next year.

We should be OK on the offense. The D has some raw talent and will need to play aggresively next. It will be an interesting off season.

Hey, at least we are undefeated going into 2008!

Spider said...

As a Wide Receiver in high school and college, I was massively disappointed with our receivers. If they are wide open and it is a quick three step drop they look great. When a shovel pass in the backfield is the safest pass play we have a problem.

In my opinion the fault lies with the receivers and their coach. Too much pressure on the O-Line and QB's. When Chase went down they did not do a thing to help J.J. Out.

The receivers coach should have been fired, not Woody or anybody else he plans to fire.

Dr. Boston played pro ball, so I am sure he is aware of the problem. My question is, why didn't he fire the receivers coach?

Anonymous said...

The LB coach should be fired.

I was just happy to see Neiman used, he's a terrific player who should have been used more, since one of the others had lead hands, but I wont be rude and name him.

So according to the CBS polls, Idaho is the worst team in the country, #119. Utah State is #111, NMSU is #105 - so thats two wins we should have next year, huh?

But add in Nebraska, Hawaii, well nuff said.

Anonymous said...

2007 Bowl bids: WAC gets 4 teams,Sun Belt gets ZERO-NADA-ZIP!!Still want to go back?

Anonymous said...

Fire the recievers coach? What team have you been watching?

Anonymous said...

Hal Mumme is our coach so support him, and our team. Fire the WR coach? Are you stupid. That would be stupid, because A.J Harris, Chris Williams, Derek Dubois, and Nick Cleaver had all been injuried this year. Fire the LB coach? That would be stupid to, because we played about 4 games without three of 4 starting linebackers. I'm very happy Hal Mumme didn't get fired, because I'm positive he will get us turn around, and all you haters can finally just "be quite"

Anonymous said...

To ZERO-NADA-ZIP!! What an idiot, last time I looked Florida Atlantic was a Sunbelt team and playing in the New Orleans bowl. Also Troy State had an excellent year(atleast compared to our local WAC team) with an 8-4 record. Be careful to check before you write stupid comments.