Sunday, January 4, 2009

Win over Fresno

NMSU's road victory over Fresno State was encouraging.

It was a dominant effort from the Aggies. And I say that word with absolutely no reservation. The team was up double figures throughout. When the Bulldogs made a run, NMSU would push its lead back out to 15 to 20 points and keep Fresno at bay.

Where would this team be without Jahmar Young? It seemed like every time the Aggies needed a bucket last night, Jahmar delivered. He's a pure scorer.

Wendell McKines is phenomenal. He does it all and does it quietly. One look at the box score, though, and you understand his impact. Eighteen points, 12 boards and six assists? His numbers tell the story. He's not slowing down anytime soon, either. McKines is one of the bright spots of the Marvin Menzies era, maybe the brightest. He was the coach's first recruit to come to NMSU. He's a bulldog.

Jonathan Gibson, I know I get on him about his shot selection. He was off last night, but he didn't stop shooting. And he made a big bucket or two. He got to the line and hit two free throws and canned a big 3-ball when NMSU was pushing its lead back up to 20. Again, I've gotten on Jonathan, but maybe you need a player like that. He believes in his ability and isn't afraid to gun it. If this team needed a big shot, Jonathan would be the first player to raise his hand. He wants the ball. And that's not a bad thing.


The WAC is flaky this year. Idaho beats Nevada in Reno last night? I really couldn't believe that.

I want to say that the Idaho win was a fluke, but that would be taking too much credit away from the Vandals. They deserve better. It was definitely a major surprise, and there is no denying that.

This brings us to the Aggies. They win at Fresno State. Is Fresno good? Maybe, maybe not. Again, I don't want to take away from NMSU's victory. We don't know what we have yet in the WAC. We don't even know what we have yet with the Aggies. We're learning about this team and this conference with each game.

NMSU at San Jose on Monday. SJSU is 0-1 in conference, losing at home to Louisiana Tech on Saturday. That was another surprise to me. I said on my prior post that a road split for the Aggies would be fine to start WAC play. A 2-0 start would be very solid. We'll continue to learn about this team, and this conference, on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Good win for the Ags, Now we just have to take care of business on Monday vs SJSU!! Come back home 2-0 set the tone early!!

Anonymous said...

Given the relative youth of the teams across the WAC, the Aggies have a good chance of being at the very top of the conference at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Good way to start conference play but, we still have two full months of WAC games to be played.

Keep up the hard work!

IC said...

I was in complete shock when I heard Jack Nixon give the score of the Nevada game.

Very good game by the Aggs. They withstood the run, but should have never let it happen. Hopefully they learn the lesson and learn to finish off teams when they have them down and out.

Anonymous said...

They should have never let the run happen? What guy of balderdash is that? Basketball is a game of runs.

SM said...

Great win for the Aggies and a great time to get the proverbial "road loss" monkey off their backs. Fresno appears to be a decent team, and conference road wins are always good. Any time JY and WM are clicking like that, the Aggies will be tough to beat.

A sweep tonight would be ideal. Eventually, the Aggies will have to win a close game. Last night was a blow out, and we have not seen the Aggies win a clutch game yet. Don't get me wrong, I would love every win to be double-digit, but that is highly unlikely for any team in the WAC. At some point, the Aggies need to develop a true leader in tight spots.

Anonymous said...

Get out the Brooms the First SWeep of the WAC season is complete!!