Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aggies beat Idaho

The NMSU Aggies beat Idaho on the basketball court tonight.

I don't know if it was an impressive win or not but I have been saying that the team needs to win games, period. They did that tonight.

The victory does not change my perception of the team. If they did not beat the Vandals here, it would have been a major disappointment. The Aggies are going to battle for the three seed in the WAC. They could finish anywhere between three and five.

The bottom line is that the game could have gone either way. The Vandals are much improved and took a late lead in the fourth quarter. Idaho went up five with 3:25 left and I thought they would win. NMSU could have easily gone in the tank but battled back and won.

These two teams meet a week from Saturday in Moscow. It should be another battle. Idaho is a lot better than in the past and the Aggies continue to underachieve. For one night at least, they got the win.


Anonymous said...

Where would NMSU be if Wendell McKines had not returned?!

Wendell the "big ticket" has to be the hardest working SOB (I mean that in a good way) Aggie BB player I have ever seen!

The "big ticket" is worth the price admission...make that every penny!

Wish we had another player that had half his heart!!

Anonymous said...

i second that!!! maybe menzies should relay the message back to the team. if gillenwater had half the heart of big wen he would average a double dbouble as well. this team will not go anywhere if they can get someone with more energy and someone that is committed to rebounding besides mckines. menzies better figure it out soon or we wont even be .500. it seems like we are getting better but idaho was missing their 2 big men. anyways good luck aggies!!!

JJ said...

I totally agree. Wendell is carrying us a LOT more than Pope would have. So many times I hear other players get "Player of the game" or Kudos from the media. but Wen does it night in and night out.

Aggie007 said...

I agree with your assessment of McKines. He's the only player who plays all-out every game. Think about what the team would look like if McKines had not come back ... UGLY ... I am disappointed with this team and I am disappointed with JY and JGib: they are supposed to be stars. Yeah, JY is top 3 in scoring in the WAC, but seems to disappear during crucial times.

Anonymous said...

The "Big Ticket"!!
I like that name and yes, he's worth every penny!

We are 9-9 with McKines and we would be 3-15 if he didn't come back!! Thank heavens he came back and for his blue collar style of play!!

Gibson is the elder statesmen of the team but his shot selection is like a true freshman.

JY tends to dissapear for long periods and when he does come back he's out of flow and in-effective.

If JGib and JY would play to their potential on a consistent basis and we could get the team to play like the "Big Ticket," we could do some serious damage come tournament time.

Until that happens, the Aggies will be another .500% team.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of heart or, lack, their of.
Gillenwater was quoted on the LC Sun news, that he did not try and stop DeSouza (Idaho forward) because, he did not want to get dunked on and end up on ESPN sports center, or something to that efect.

I guess that's why we are all praising McKines for his play and questioning everyone's heart.

Play hard or stay on the bench!

Anonymous said...

How many wide open, uncontested layups did Idaho score on us without their two centers?

If the Aggies don't learn to play some decent D, they are going to get their collective heads handed to them by the better teams in the league.