Friday, January 9, 2009

DeWayne Walker

Felix had a Q&A session with new Aggie football coach DeWayne Walker.

During the interview, Walker added that Earnest Wilson would stay on board but that it was likely Wilson would be the only coach retained. Still, nothing definite on Joe Lee Dunn, but it doesn't look too promising for the D-coordinator.

Walker also said that most of the team looks to return intact and that the Aggies won a big battle with a player who was on the fence. Walker did not reveal the name but I would suspect it is between J.J. McDermott and LaVorick Williams. My gut tells me Williams. Again, nothing definite.

There is also a story on recruit David Quiroga giving a verbal commitment to NMSU.


Anonymous said...

What is your take on QB Trevor Walls? I know Mumme was very high on him. Walls did an interview with the local radio station just before Christmas. I just know that a lot people in southern Ohio (avid buckeye fans) would love to see him outduel Terrell Pryor come late October.

Teddy said...

Hal liked Trevor a lot.

He's a big kid. Other than that, I have a hard time giving you an accurate answer. I've never seen him play.

Like I said, Hal seemed to like him a lot. Mumme had a good eye for quarterback talent.

I don't know what Trevor's future is simply because the old coaching staff is gone. A lot of offensive players came to NMSU to play in Mumme's Air Raid. I think he fell in that category.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad if JL Dunn is not retained but, it's Coach Walkers team.

JL Dunn's contract runs thru January, 2010.
I think he should be kept as an advisor/ consultant for a year.

I mean were paying the guy, we might as well get our $$ worth, right?