Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idaho game

Well, here we are again, NMSU men's basketball on the docket as the team hosts the University of Idaho on Thursday night.

To lead things off, I believe this is a game the Aggies should win. Idaho certainly seems better than in past years, but this game is in Las Cruces and NMSU should be fired up. They are on a two game home skid and really do need a win in this one.

NMSU was competitive against Nevada and Utah State. Still, the Aggies lost both games. They really should have beaten Nevada. We have been over the game a million times. The reality is that the Wolf Pack went out in the second half and just played better, rebounded better and were tougher. USU beat NMSU fair and square.

The Vandals have been a surprise in the WAC. Don Verlin seems like a good hire early on for Idaho AD Rob Spear. Verlin's looking to change the culture there. Clearly, Idaho's WAC win in Nevada opened some eyes. The Vandals shouldn't be able to sneak up on anyone at the Pan Am. Marvin Menzies should have his team, the Aggies, prepared.

Idaho is not a good rebounding team which should help the Aggies. NMSU has struggled on the boards this season but should see some success in that department versus the Vandals.

Again, I know Idaho is better than in the past. And again, I believe this is a game the Aggies should win.

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Anonymous said...

The Aggies won Teddy, but 3 points is too close for comfort. I just don't feel the energy with Menzies. I know he's a great recruiter and he obviously knows basketball...but that doesn't necessarily mean he's meant to be a Division I head coach. Menzies still doesn't get my vote of confidence.

I've been an Aggie fan since I could first walk, but it's getting harder to support all the bad hiring choices the current administration makes. I have recently moved back to Las Cruces and I don't remember the community being so alienated from NM State as it is now. The NM State admin now seems so arrogant and uncaring of what fans in the community think.

I'm just one person, but that's how I feel.