Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's game

What a strange game it was for the New Mexico State Aggies and the San Jose State Spartans on Thursday night.

NMSU was up 14 twice, San Jose State came back and took a five point lead with 5:00 left and NMSU came back and won 89-81.

The Aggies didn't give up down five late and with SJSU having all the momentum. NMSU quickly retook the lead when it seemed like they were going in the other direction.

The Spartans struggled with some mind-numbing turnovers late. It seemed like for a three-minute stretch, with things in the balance, that they gave up the ball every time down court. They went from playing well to playing awful in the final 5 minutes of action.

Jahmar Young had 32 points and made some big shots.

Jonathan Gibson made some big shots down the stretch.

Wendell McKines played well as did Troy Gillenwater.

The Aggies were outrebounded by 13 (40-27) while SJSU committed 21 turnovers.

NMSU will be back in action on Saturday against Hawaii at the Pan Am.


Anonymous said...

The Yo-yo season continues. We will beat Hawaii to go 11-11 and then drop the next two.

Our only hope is for the kids to get on a roll during the WAC tournament, and that's, easier said than done!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:09,
It is a lot easier said than done, considering that the longest win streak has been 3 games, and all three games were at home. So with a road trip to Hawaii then Reno for the tourney, things dont look good.

Of course we are forever hopeful, but still realistic when it comes to a 10-11 team.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone hates the youth talk but I thought some people might find this interesting... And maybe agree with Menzies and stop saying that other teams in the WAC are just as young as us......


Marvin Menzies has reminded fans and media all season about the youth of his team. It isn't hollow coach speak. According to statistics compiled by Ken Pomeray on his Web site, NMSU's roster is the fourth youngest in major college basketball, ranked 341 of 344. NMSU's average years of experience per scholarship player is 0.71 years. NMSU has six freshman and four sophomores on its roster.

Anonymous said...

At this point in the season, it's not the youth that irks's the repetitive mistakes!

When are kids gong to take that next step and grow up?!
I hope it's riht before the WAC tourney.